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Details About this Kimono Customers Comments
The kimono is one size fits all. You can adjust the length of the kimono with a waist belt (Koshi-himo).
The kimono fits heights from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and waistlines from 20 inches to 50 inches around.
52 inch Use a washing net
or wash by hand.
Do not use the washing dryer
Made of Synthetic fiber
64 inch
57 inch
Kimono Obi Belt and Geta sandal set
To order Our Price
Do you have an obi belt and geta sandal?
If not, consider getting purchasing an obi belt and geta sandal set with your kimono.
Description For those who want
to purchase only the kimono.
Includes all the accessories you need to wear your kimono, and is cheaper than purchasing each item individually.
(Tabi socks is not included)
Obi Belt Koshi-himo Geta Sandals
Obi belt Not included
Please choose your favorite belt.
Koshi-himo Not included
The koshi-himo (waist belt) is tied under the obi belt. It is used to keep the kimono in place and adjust its length.
Geta sandal Not included
Geta are traditional Japanese sandals. Japanese geta usually don't fit the feet perfectly, but fit more loosely or snugly depending on the individual. I will choose a geta with straps that compliment your kimono.
Please choose the size of your geta.
Medium: American 7.5/ European 39/ Japanese 24.5
Large: American 9/ European 42/ Japanese 26.5
Do you have any question ?
If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line.
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The Ordering Process, from Our Place to Yours.
1. Order the yukata of your choice on our website.
2. We will notify you by email when we ship your yukata.
3. Your yukata will arrive on your doorstep.
4. Start enjoying your yukata kimono! :)