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Kimono Yukata Market Sakura is one of the largest online kimono stores in the world. We have 10,000 fans in over 77 countries and they enjoy our kimonos every day.
We always stock more than 1,000 designs of yukata kimonos, traditional Japanese kimonos, obi belts, hakama pants, and so on. Our store manager, a professional kimono buyer, has chosen every one of them carefully.
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Haneri to juban.

How to wear yukata kimono / Women

You put on a yukata kimono and tie up an innner belt (Koshi-himo)

Please open the back of collar like a photograph.

It is beautiful that a nape and the scruff was seen.

Please prepare a front collar to see a decorative collar.

Tie obi belt. Which obi belt do you have? " Flat obi belt " or " Pre tied obi belt " or " Softobi belt " ?

How to tie flat obi belt / Hira obi How to tie pre tied obi belt / Musubi obi
How to tie soft obi belt / Heko obi
Can you wear yukata and tie obi belt well ?

Then, let's go out with your yukata.