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kimono market sakura
We sell beautiful Japanese kimonos and yukata to world wide.
Our Japanese kimono and yukata are very affordable. We know that you will see the magic and beauty of our kimono culture once you see our products!
We also guarantee that you will find only the highest quality and most original products on our site. I am sure that you do not want to buy cheaply made imitations which are not Japanese originals.
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We made a bid for this kimono at the auction that the dealers of the expert of the kimono and collector of the antique vintage kimonos gathered for.
Therefore we stock only one. Please appreciate the design of a traditional kimono, the feel of the kimono of the silk. It is more than 10 times price, if you make same kimono now.
We cannot obtain the same kimono again.
Please order the one that wants to be purchased right now.

Men's silk kimono and Kimono Jacket /Vintage/Antique/Used
We recommend "kimono" and "obi belt and geta sandal set" and Tabi socks for everybody who wants to wear kimono for the first time, which include all you need to wear a kimono. So you can wear your kimono on the very day your products will arrive at your home.
Sensu (Folding fan) for Free
Free Sensu to everyone purchasing both "kimono" and "obi and geta set"
Obi belt and geta sandal
Yukata Obi belt Inner belt Sandal

The Condition grade of silk men kimono
As good as NEW condition - VERY good GOOD condition - Standard USED condition Damage to cloth.

kimono & jacket & Hakama

Do you have・・・?These items make you more cool and comfortable.

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Express shipping
We normally ship via airmail. For another $10, we can send it via Express Mail Service.
Returned good policy
We guarantee your money back if you are not satsified with your product.As long as you haven`t used them within one week after you receive the product.
We ship product to worldwide.
Small Packets, Registered Air Mail.
Delivery will be made in 6 - 10 days.
Express mail service.
Delivery will be made in 3-5 days. It costs an additional 10 dollars
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How will the order and the delivery take place?
1. You order some products on our website.
2. When We ship your products, we email you.
3. You will receive your products.
4. You can enoy wearing kimono !