Yukata kimono market sakura make you beautiful and happy !

Yukata kimono market sakura

We sell beautiful Japanese yukata and kimonos to world wide.
Our Japanese Yukata and kimono are very affordable. We know that you will see the magic and beauty of our yukata and kimono culture once you see our products!
We also guarantee that you will find only the highest quality and most original products on our site. I am sure that you do not want to buy cheaply made imitations which are not Japanese originals.

Kimono display stand

The kimono is not included.

Length 70inch Width 70 inch
You can enjoy kimono by either wearing it or by simply watching its decorative beauty.
In particular the bold design of women's kimono is usually colorful and vivid.
You can also hang up kimono on a hanger and display it in your room as a piece of art.
I myself have a ladies' kimono hanging in my room as decoration. When the room is dark and the kimono is presented with background light, it creates a fantastic atmosphere.
Typical kimono designs are beautiful things found in nature, such as flowers, trees and animals.
Just looking at a kimono can set you into a relaxed mood. When you put on your favorite music and drink tea while looking at it, I am sure it will make you feel refreshed.
Also, you can change your decorative kimono with the seasons.
During hot summer, it is best to have cool white and blue colors and during the cold winter, warm colors like yellow should be perfect.
A A' B B' C C' D E F F'

Kimono display stand
shipping fee $149
Delivery will be made in 7 - 14 days.

A / Vertical pillar / Upper part
A'/ Vertical pillar / Lower part

B / Vertical pillar / Upper part
B'/ Vertical pillar / Lower part

C / Horizontal pillar (Top) Half part
C'/ Horizontal pillar (Top) Half part

D / Horizontal pillar (Middle)

E / Horizontal pillar (Bottom)

F / Base
F'/ Base

Mede of wood
Japanese craftsman made.

How to build furniture
Step-1 Make a Vertical pillar.
Glue A and A' together.                                    

Glue B and B' together                                    

Please wait for several hours till adhesive dries.
Step-2 Make a Horizontal pillar.
Glue C and C' together                   

Please wait for several hours till adhesive dries.
Step-3 Assemble each part.

①Assemble "Base" and "Horizontal pillar (Bottom)". / E + F and E + F'

②Insert "Vertical pillar" in the hole of "Base". / F + (A+A') and F' + (B+B')

③Insert "Horizontal pillar (Middle)" in the hole of "Vertical pillar". D + (A+A') and D + (B+B')

④Insert "Horizontal pillar (Top)" in the hole of "Vertical pillar". C + (A+A') and C' + (B+B)
When you display a kimono, let this pillar pass the sleeve of kimono.

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