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Men's Traditional Yukata

We recommend yukata kimonos for people who will be wearing a kimono for the first time. Usually, they are made of cotton or linen, and are very light and comfortable compared to traditional kimonos.

Yukata kimonos are suitable for spring and summer events such as fireworks and Bon dance festivals, or casual events like cherry blossoms viewings and home parties. In autumn and winter, you can enjoy them at indoor events or as your lounge wear. You can enjoy wearing them in all seasons.

We've stocked many unique designs, from classic to more modern patterns -- striped, checked, tiger, dragon, lion, and so on.

  • * All items are brand new.
  • * Buy an obi belt & footwear set together and get a Japanese folding fan for free!


Your Size:

Height :
Less than 5'9"/176 cm
Waist :
Less than 49"/124cm


Your Size:

Height :
5'9" - 5'11"/176-180 cm
Waist :
Less than 49"/124cm

X Large

Your Size:

Height :
5'11" - 6'1" / 180 -185 cm
Waist :
Less than 51"/129cm

Big Size

Your Size:

Height :
Over 6'1"/ Over 185 cm
Waist :
Less than 53"/134cm

Yukata Kimono & Hakama Set

This two-piece set is suitable for practicing Budo or as a costume for Halloween, parties, anime festivals and so on.


  • - Two-piece set; yukata kimono & hakama pants.
  • - You can select the size of the hakama pants.


  • - For practicing Budo.
  • - To those who are interested in Bushido or samurai.
  • - Costumes for Halloween party, plays.
  • - Cosplaying for anime festivals.