Kimono Jacket x2 / Warehouse sale wf # 2set #625

$39.99 USD
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We need to secure free space in our warehouse.. Therefore, we will carry out an inventory clearance sale at discount price for our important kimono.
The following work is omitted because it is sold at a special price. We cannot answer inquiries.
1. No image of the whole kimono jacket on the kimono stand
2. No image of stains and damages
It is a kimono jacket that can be worn in condition A or higher. Please judge from the condition and purchase.
3. No size notation for each part
It will be the size for general adult women.

The kimono jacket we sell this time is of the same quality as the kimono jacket we usually sell. And this item is from a kimono auction where only a limited number of professional kimono buyers can participate. It is a one of a kind. Traditional kimono is likened to "wearable art" since dozens of artisans' techniques are used in one kimono. These traditional techniques and designs are breathtakingly beautiful and it is hard to find words to describe them.

Kimono jacket x 2
・Type : Haori
・Materials : silk
・Technique : Dyed
・Made in Japan
Condition A
Very good condition of all the used kimono jacket. We can see a little signs of wear. There are small stains on it but not mind too much. You can wear it.
Good product
Technique (weaving, dyeing, embroidery) is good. Patterns and fabrics are good. Reference price (Brand new): over 1500US$
Keep in airy place or in your closet with dehumidifiers.
Please note
Obi belt and geta sandals etc are not included.
Weight : 1503 g

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

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Daniela Navarria
Nice haori

This is the fourth haori I have ordered from this website. I ordered three other ones first, and I was impressed with the quality, so I decided I had to have this one as well. The pictures and product description are very accurate. For some of the items I decided to gently hand wash them because I wanted them to smell fresh and was able to do so without damaging them. I think it is a great idea to give such beautiful fabric and quality garments a second life, and this website has a great selection to choose from.

Margaret Davis
Kimono jackets

I’m very happy with both. Wore each with regular clothes for a unique look. They look great with my current kimonos as well

Just beautiful

Both kimono are stunning. I fell in love with the striped one until I saw that the black had subtle purple embroidery. I love both.

As ever - great!

As ever: I got two wonderful Haoris. The delivery was speedy - as ever. Thank you for that perfect way to enjoy the Japanese Kimono tradition!

Marie Suekawa

the picture does not give the product justice. The colors and patterns are far prettier than they appear.

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