Men Jinbei #006

$49.99 USD
Jinbei are lightweight Japanese kimono that are ideal for people who are wearing or buying a kimono for the first time.
Jinbei are commonly worn in Japanese culture at spring and summer events like fireworks, Bon dance festivals, and other parties. Jinbei are very versatile and can be worn inside as loungewear and during all seasons.
* All of our Jinbei are brand new.
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton 85%, Hemp 15%
・Technique : Weave
・Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
Fit a person whose
Medium size
Height : Less than 5'9" / 175cm
Chest : 35.5 - 38 inches / 88 - 96cm
Waist : Less than 33 inches / 84 cm
inch cm
Length 31 79
Center to sleeve 24 61
Around waist 55 140
Sleeve length 12 30.5
Length 21 54
Around waist 33 84

Large size
Height : 5'9" - 6'1" / 175cm - 185cm
Chest : 38 - 41 inches / 96 - 104cm
Waist : 33 - 37 inches / 84 - 94cm
inch cm
Length 33 84
Center to sleeve 25.5 65
Around waist 56.5 144
Sleeve length 12 31
Length 23 59
Around waist 37 94

Extra large size
Height : 5'10" - 6'2" / 177cm - 187cm
Chest : 41 - 44 inches / 104 - 112cm
Waist : 33 - 41 inches / 94 -104cm
inch cm
Length 35 89
Center to sleeve 26 66
Around waist 61.5 156
Sleeve length 12.5 32
Length 24 61
Around waist 41 104

Super large size
Height : 6'0" - 6'4" / 180cm - 190cm
Chest : 44 - 51 inches / 113 - 128cm
Waist : 41 - 47 inches / 105 -118cm
inch cm
Length 36 91
Center to sleeve 30 76
Around waist 73 185
Sleeve length 13 34
Length 29 75
Around waist 47 120
Weight : 315g

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Customer Reviews

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Kiyoto Tanemura

I sent a jinbei as a birthday present to a friend in Colombia who complemented me on mine. I was in the USA and could not buy/send a jinbei myself, so the international shipping offered was very helpful.


I didn't know much about Jinbei and ordered one by curiosity alongside my main order (kimono + jacket and brand-new hakama). The jinbei is lighter than I expected and the fabric looks a bit transparent (which I did not notice from the pictures), but it still seems of good quality and feels surprisingly nice to wear, especially at home on hot days or maybe on special summer events if there are such things around. Overall I'm quite happy with my order.

Ivan C.

Got the whole fit, said it would ship in 20 days, came in 3. Love it. Came nicely packaged and much higher quality than other traditional clothing i’ve bought. Me in the fit recruiting baseball players lol.

Robert Strzelczyk
Good product

Fits well. Haven't worn it yet properly because it is too cold yet but I am sure it will serve me well when the weather gets warmer. Prompt service.

Peter Vrambout
Men Jinbei

I finally received my Jinbei. It was in my country after one week, but then the Belgian customs took over 3 weeks to release it.
I also liked the little "thank you" note and the お茶 which I am enjoying while I write this review.
First of all the unpacking experience was great. Everything was nicely packaged.
Then came the unpacking and first thing I noticed was the fine quality of the tissue. It really feels nice to the touch. I know the difference between cheap and good quality tissues as my spouse sells quality bed sheets.
I will be really enjoying this jinbei.

ありがとう ございました

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