kimono jacket

kimono jacket is a jacket worn over the kimono. It is suitable for keeping you warm. kimono jacket is called "Haori" in Japanese. kimono jackets have a beautiful design on the back.

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Condition AAA
As good as new. We can see very little signs of wear and stains on it. No problem to wear it.
Condition AA
Use only a few times so far. We can see little signs of wear. There are very little stains on it but they are unnoticeable. No problem to wear it.
Condition A
Very good condition of all the used kimono. We can see a little signs of wear. There are small stains on it but not mind too much. You can wear it.
Condition B
We can see signs of wear and stains on it. You can wear it if you don't mind the stains.
Condition C
Well-used Japanese kimono. We can clearly see signs of wear and stains on it. It is suitable for enjoying the traditional atmosphere of Japanese kimono, or costumes for a play or ornamental purposes.
Condition D
Very well-used Japanese kimono. We can see damages and big stains on it. you can use it as fabric, reference materials for your study.