Kimono for Christmas gifts!

Merry Christmas

We will also hold a Christmas sale. Orders will be discounted by December 25th.
Would you like to purchase a new kimono or give a present at this opportunity?
Delivery is very busy during the Christmas season, so we recommend ordering early.

Discount all items

Discounts are made on the checkout page.

Christmas sale period From December 2. Until December 25.

Present a gift package

Free gifts of cute cherry packaging bags will be given to all applicants.
Use it when you give a kimono as a Christmas present.
Please request from request form when you ordered.

Gift package size

11.5 inches x 17.5 inches / 29cm x 45cm

What can I put in it ?

・Yukata or Yukata, obi belt, geta sandals set
・Traditional obi belt

How many it can I get ?

・Order 1 items, request 1 packages > OK
・Order 2 items, request 2 packages > OK
・Order one item, request 2 packages > NG
・No order, request package. > NG

Christmas gifts from us

Everyone who ordered during the Christmas sale will receive present from us.

What can I get?

It is a small present. The item is secret. Please look forward to it.

Tips for those who are wondering what to give.

Tip-1 Gift card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Kimono yukata market sakura gift card.

Budget from $ 50 to $ 500


Tip-2 Choose from budget from our recommendation items


$15~30 Kinchaku pouch | Obi age |Obi jime

$30~50 Yukata for indoor use |Haori jacket | Retro pattern Kimono | Obi belt

$40~60 Yukata kimono | Bag for kimono

$70~90 Yukata set | Traditional pattern Kimono

$90~ Frisode kimono


$15~30 Kinchaku pouch | Coat cord

$30~50 Yukata for indoor use | Haori jacket | Jinbei

$40~60 Yukata | kimono | Traditional underwear

$70~90 Yukata + Obi belt, geta sandals set | Jacket and kimono set

$90~ Jacket and kimono and Hakama set

Tip-3 Choose by purpose for your recommendation items

Anyone can wear it easily

The average budget $40~60

・Women | Yukata indoor use for women

・Men | Yukata indoor use for men

For those who want to wear yukata and kimono properly

The average budget $70~100

・Women | Yukata set | Yukata +obi and geta set | Kimono + obi belt

・Men | Yukata +obi and geta set | Kimono + obi belt

For those who want to enjoy a perfect combination of kimonos.

The average budget $110~

・Women | Japanese kimono 4 or 6 items set

・Men | Jacket and kimono and hakama set | Jacket and kimono set + obi belt and geta sandals set