Geta sandal : Women Extra large #20

$44.99 USD
Geta sandals are made from wood with rubber soles and the sandal thongs are made from remnants of kimono fabric. Sandals have a tighter fit compared to normal sandals, so please read the page "Measuring Tips" to choose the correct size.
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Paulownia
Extra large 9-10.5 8-9.5 44-47 27
Width 4.1 inchs 10. 5cm
Weight 450 g
Geta sandals have a slightly tighter fit compared to normal sandals, so please read the 'Measuring Tips' page to choose the correct size.

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Jones

Perfect product and amazingly fast shipping! HIGHLY recommended

Wendy Shapiro
Beautiful Geta Sandals

I now own three pairs of Geta sandals all purchased from this online store. I purchased this particular pair because it coordinated with my latest Yukata Kimono acquisition. They make a stunning combination. I love the Geta sandals because they are comfortable to wear, are extremely elegant and refined. They are very well made and at this point I am running out of closet space. I highly recommend any of these Geta sandals in the different patterns. My only regret is that some of the patterns are only available in size large and I have very small feet. I can guarantee anyone that if you order these sandals you will not be disappointed.

Wendy Shapiro
Magnificent Sandals

These Geta sandals are superb in every way. The measuring tips indicate that the paulownia wood is constructed to be narrow and that the small toe should protrude just slightly over the edge, so that the woman wearing the sandals has to take small steps which is considered very elegant. These Geta sandals are both functional, practical and of great aesthetic beauty. The thong material is constructed of padded old Kimonos. I was so pleased with my purchase that I ordered a second pair, equally as beautiful. These Geta sandals are extremely well constructed, comfortable to wear and absolutely essential for a complete Yukata Kimono ensemble.

Ingrid Morales
Ingrid Morales

Incredibly packaged, excellent condition, really nice, this place is trustworthy and professional I will keep buying and recommend it 100%

Thank you for allowing us access to amazing Japanese culture.

Ingrid Morales

Wendy Shapiro
Beautiful Geta Sandals

These are one of the most beautiful pair of Geta sandals I have ever seen. In fact, it inspired me to purchase another pair. The wood is lovely and the material made of Kimonos is elegant and thickly padded. It is true that they are 'narrow' but in the description it is clear that they are intended to be this way so that one's little toe protrudes just slightly over the edge. The photo for this listing shoes the heel extending just a little beyond the sole of the sandal. This construction is specifically designed this way, so that a woman can take small steps which is considered elegant. I could not be more pleased with this purchase. I bought this particular pair because the purple in it matched an older Yukata Kimono I had bought some years ago which has a stunning, but simple design of irises. I also added in my next purchase a lavender obi and I have a Japanese hand fan which has purple Irises painted on it. I succeeded in locating a purple-lavender Japanese, hand made parasol. Many thanks for such a finely made pair of sandals.

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