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It is very lightweight, cool, and comfortable. You can wear it to a casual party, events in the spring and the summer or indoor events in all seasons.
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton 100%
・Technique : Dyed
・Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
・Note : obi belt and geta sandals etc are not included.
The yukata kimono is one size fits all.
You can adjust the length of the yukata with a inner belt.
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Fit a person whose
Height / 4'11" - 6'3" / 150 cm - 190 cm
Waist / Less than 43 inches / 110 cm
inch cm
64 162
26 66
57 144
19 48
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
Weight : 425g

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This products is only a yukata.
You need a obi belt and geta sandals to wear a yukata.
"Obi belt and geta sandals set"
is cheaper than buying everything separately.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful yukata

I'm very happy to have buy my yukata. I re command Yukata Sakura for quality, correct description and photos of the product,punctuality in shipping,... I'm so happy that I have order an other kimono and obi belt for my birthday! With my yukata and obi set I made my first hanami here in Verona. I hope to come in Japan next year and see cherry blossoms with my beautifull yukata. Thank you so much!

Big Arigatou

Im very pleased with the product and the service. Will definitely use this shop in the future. I bought this yukata for my mother in law, she is very happy. Thank you for your great job.

Beautiful items

LOVE the fabric and look of the items that I ordered. JUST like you see online, if not better. Highly recommend, very satisfied.

Gorgeous, vibrant yukata! I wish I could go to Japan now to wear it!

I was looking for a navy blue yukata with red camellia flowers, and I fell in love with this one. The shipping was reasonable, given it is during the pandemic, and with DHL no less. It arrived in about a week, and when I opened the package, I was stunned and mesmerised by the beautiful vibrant colours of the yukata. I actually wore it that night (just with normal sandals cos I have no geta) for a walk down the beach with my husband and many people were looking at me. One young guy even walked towards me and asked whether I wore a kimono. To make it simple for him, I said yes (well, yukata is a type of kimono after all). He then said it was so beautiful... (and I bet he'll find more of your collections here also beautiful!).

So, thank you Yuzo-san and team for providing these beautiful items for us overseas! I wish I could be in Japan now to wear it!

(sorry I couldn't get the full-size photo; it's hard to do it without a tripod)

Butterfly Yukata

The yukata is beautiful I love how vibrant the colors are! Shipping was fast and the small gifts were very nice. I am excited to wear it in the spring when the weather gets warmer!

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