Yukata and obi and Geta set /ST #313

$79.99 USD
28% off $110.96 USD
It is very lightweight, cool, and comfortable. You can wear it to a casual party, events in the spring and the summer or indoor events in all seasons. Includes all the accessories you need to wear yukata, and is cheaper than purchasing each item individually. We'll choose the pattern of flat obi belt and geta sandal that goes with your yukata.
4 items minimum set
Regular price $110.96 (Discount $30.97)$79.99
・Yukata / US$49.99
・Obi belt / US$29.99
・Inner belt / US$3.99
・Geta sandals / US$26.99
7 items useful set
Regular price $188.93 (Discount $48.94)$139.99
・4 items set / $110.96
・Undergarment / $49.99
・Tabi socks / $12.99
・Kinchaku pouch / $14.99
10 items fashionable set
Regular price $233.9 (Discount $53.91)$179.99
・7 items set / $188.93
・Obi jime / $19.99
・Obi age / $24.99
・Folding fan / $9.99
Condition : Brand new
Materials : Cotton 100%
Technique : Dyed
Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
Obi belt
Condition : Brand new
Type : Flat and patterned * or Pre tied
Materials : Polyester
Inner belt
Condition : Brand new
Materials : Cotton
Geta sandals *
Condition : Brand new
Materials : Paulownia
Other items
Undergarment : Brand new
Tabi socks : Brand new
Kinchaku pouch : Brand new *
Obi jime : Used *
Obi age : Used *
Folding fan : Brand new *
*Note : We'll choose the pattern of items that suits your yukata and obi belt.
The yukata kimono is one size fits all.
You can adjust the length of the yukata with a inner belt.
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Fit a person whose
Height / 4'11" - 6'3" / 150 cm - 190 cm
Waist / Less than 43 inches / 110 cm
inch cm
64 162
26 66
57 144
19 48
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length

Sizing : Obi belt

Length Width
Flat obi 12.13ft 3m70cm 6.8inches 17.5cm
Pre tied 58inches 1m47cm 6.8inches 17.5cm

Sizing : Geta sandals

Medium 5.5-7.5 4-6 36-40 24
Large 7.5-8.5 6-8 40-43 25.5
Plus wide 9-10.5 8-9.5 44-47 27

Geta sandals have a slightly tighter fit compared to normal sandals, so please read the 'Measuring Tips' page to choose the correct size.

Total weight
4 items set 975g / 7 items set 1425g / 8 items set 1695g

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

3 items minimum set
6 items useful set

9 items fashionable set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Beautiful Yukata just darling! It shipped very quickly I thought it take longer wanted it for the holidays but I got it within a week


The Yukata was better quality than I expected and arrived on time. Wore it to my school diversity festival!


I choose the 9pc set. Item arrived on time and well packaged! The colours are lovely and the obi i got has a very adorable design! Overall I’ve always been very happy with all the items I have bought from here and this time was no exception!

Jen Wild
Beautiful fabric

It is a Christmas gift for our daughter. She will love it.

Amelia Craik
So beautiful!!

Yakata is so lovely the color the fit ..will be ordering more soon I want the green kimono in the ad I just need to find it ..this company is legit for sure got order in less than 3 weeks ..thank you!!

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