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About Us

Our Beginnings


One day, as I was surfing online, I noticed that Japanese kimonos were being sold abroad on online shopping sites. However, the "Japanese Kimonos" I saw were very different to what most Japanese people would imagine when they think of kimonos: some were too short in length, others were made with a cheap looking, shiny fabric, and yet more had strange pattern designs. And these were all being sold as "Traditional Japanese Kimonos..."

I was very shocked to see such fake kimonos being casually sold as the real thing. I also felt very frustrated that people abroad would not learn about the true culture of Japan. I wondered to myself, isn't there anything I can do to tell more people abroad about the real beauty of Japanese kimonos and the incredible techniques of the craftsmen? Can't I do something to help them find out? And of course, the answer I arrived at was to open my own online shop for kimonos.

Tokyo, The City of Kimonos


In the past, Tokyo used to be called Edo. It was the political, economic and cultural center of Japan, and many people from all over Japan brought their kimonos with them when they came to the capital. The people of Edo began to enjoy the various different kimonos, and kimono culture blossomed in the city. These days, Tokyo continues to be the capital of kimonos within Japan, and even now, it is still home to kimonos from all over Japan.

As I live in Tokyo, I was lucky enough to have many opportunities to learn about kimonos from kimono experts, and I spent many hours studying them. Finally, I was able to fulfill my wish to help people all over the world learn more about and enjoy real Japanese kimonos and yukata kimonos when I opened Kimono Yukata Market Sakura.

With the Help of Our Fans, Who Come From Over 70 Different Countries

Since opening Kimono Market Sakura, over 10,000 fans of kimonos and Japanese culture, from 75 different countries, have bought Japanese kimonos, yukata kimonos and hakama kimonos through our store. Doing business in English, which isn't my native language, is challenging, but every day I am encouraged by the happy thank you messages and beautiful photos of customers wearing their kimonos that I receive. I feel extremely grateful every day to my amazing customers who have helped me grow Kimono Yukata Market Sakura from the small store it was into one of Japan's biggest online kimono retailers.

A Policy That Never Changes

Although Kimono Yukata Market Sakura has grown a lot from when we first started, our policy will always remain the same: every kimono we sell in our store is personally checked by me, so that I can see and feel the fabric and check their quality before they can be sold.

We want all our customers to have the chance to enjoy the real beauty of yukata kimonos and Japanese kimonos, to experience the excellence of the traditional techniques, and to feel happy with their purchases. That's why this policy will never change.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all, whether about sizes, designs, or even just for advice about what sort of accessories would look good. We are happy to help.

Please take your time and enjoy looking over the various yukata kimonos, Japanese kimonos and obi belts that we have in store. We hope you find the perfect kimono for you.