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Bulk Purchases

We, Kimono Yukata Market Sakura, also supply large quantity orders for situations such as:
・Buying yukata kimonos with friends for group activities.
・Using a lot of Japanese kimonos for a school play.
・Using yukata kimonos at a school event where all the classmates need them.
・Wearing them as a uniform at a restaurant.etc.

If you need more than 10 sets of yukata kimonos or Japanese kimonos,
please email us from the contact us page.

Also, if you tell us about the intended use or provide detailed information,
we can tell you what is needed to wear them, or advise you appropriately.

For example:
・Which product in which category you need.
・What size and how many.
・When and where you need it delivered.

Examples of inquiries for a large quantity order:

“We’d like to use yukata kimonos at an event for our company.
We need 50 sets of women’s yukata kimonos, obi belts and geta sandals in the regular size and design.
Also we’d like to buy them for under $100 for each set. Could you deliver them to NY by Aug.10?”
“I’m going to a fireworks festival with my circle of friends.
I’d like to buy 7 pieces of men’s yukata kimono and 8 pieces of women’s yukata kimono.
Could you give me a discount?"
"We need 7 sets of women’s yukata kimonos and obi belts and 5 sets of men’s yukata kimono and obi belts.
We’ll leave it to you to decide the design of the yukata kimonos but need it to be as cheap as possible.
All of the women’s yukata kimonos are in regular size, 2 of the men’s yukata kimonos are in L size,
3 of the men’s yukata kimonos are LL size."

We are very happy to help ensure that your event is a success.