from the organizer

Hello everyone. I am Yuzo Mishima from Kimono, Yukata Market Sakura.
My vision is to share Japanese kimono culture with the rest of the word and spread the excitement of kimono and yukata culture to everyone.
We are also holding this contest so that our valued customers can enjoy kimonos and yukatas for themselves.
Now, get out there and take your best picture of the absolute best kimono and yukata look you can pull off, and then submit it as your entry. I really hope that you’ll have fun with this contest.


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Kimono Yukata Contest 2017

$300 for First Prize
$10 gift vouchers for 2nd to 5th
$5 gift vouchers for all applicants

Perfect opportunity to show the world how great you look in a yukata or kimono!

What is this contest ?
Festival is for our customers to enjoy.
Close August 31st, 2017
Application period of the contest.
From Sep, to Dec 31st, 2017.
Vote period of the contest
Prize US$300-
You have chance to be grandprix
Let's Vote
You can vote via Facebook.
How to choose GrandPrix
Please send the content below to this e-mail:
1. Picture
2. Name
3. Country
4. Answer
Q1 Please write an appealing comment or message to the voters.
Q2 Please write a comment to people who want to try a kimono for the first time.
Q3 Why did you choose Kimono Yukata Market Sakura?

A huge photo contest for kimono and yukata fans around the world

The Kimono Yukata Contest is back this year after successful previous two rounds in 2012 and 2016.
Each time, the competition garners interest and entrants from across the globe, resulting in sensational events.
The contest is the perfect opportunity to show the world how great you look in a yukata or kimono!

Why enter the Kimono Yukata Contest?

  • - All photos submitted can be viewed and voted for online by fans around the world.
  • - The photo with the most votes receives a $300 grand prize.
  • - In addition to the grand prize, there are prizes awarded for effort.
Prizes*1 participant will receive the grand prize award of $300.
Special awards of $10 gift vouchers for Kimono Yukata Market Sakura will be given to several participants.
Submission RequirementsPhoto must feature someone wearing a kimono or yukata bought at "Kimono, Yukata Market Sakura".
Submission Photo**One photo per entrant. Past winning photos cannot be re-submitted.
Submission PeriodFrom March 1st, 2017 to August 31st, 2017.
Selection MethodUsers will vote to decide the winner via a separate voting page.
Voting RequirementsAnyone can vote. Your friends and family are also free to vote.
Voting PeriodFrom mid-September, 2017 to December 31st, 2017.
  • *The $300 grand prize will be payed via PayPal. Gift vouchers will be sent to receipients.
  • **Please note that your photo submissions may appear on our company’s website or on SNS.

Previous competition winners and participants