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Customer Reviews

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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
We are so happy to see their big smiles!

We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers.
Why don't you take a few moments to look at the lovely photos of our customers enjoying their kimonos?

Customer Reviews

here are pictures of our wedding renewal where we used our yukata kimonos.
We love them!!!!!! Thanks..... Mari & David Owen

flag From USA

The yukata is beautiful and comfortable. My friends are thinking of buying one also, to wear when they come visit me in japan next year! ありがとうございます。 えり-ちゃん

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo My daughter Katherine recieved her yukata a week or so ago. She loves it and wore it to school on a multi-cultural day. Attached are some pictures of her wearing it. Katherine says: "It is pretty and just how I hoped it would look. It makes me feel happy when I wear it and I enjoy wearing it." Thank you Sherry

"The Yukata was a great surprise in both the quality and fine workmanship. My wife loves the masculinity of the men's yukata, and I like the comfortable feeling of the fabric. Kimono Market Sakura loves yukatas and that feeling comes through when wearing them." You can also find some photos of the yukata here: (taken at Esalen, Big Sur, California - great "onsen" on the Pacific Ocean) thanks, Doron

flag From USA

konnichiwa! genki desu ka? its eliza c. again i recieved my second yukata, and definately not the last.... i love it! yukatas are addictive here's a couple pix

flag From USA

こんにちはみしまさま。 メールをありがとうございました。私のしゃしんをおくています。みしまさまのゆかたはとてもきれいですよ。私はなつときをたのしみにします。 あとはみしまさまにプラハのしゃしんをおくる。 はおりのことはだめです。今年、私はチェコでアニメと日本のさいてんに行きたい。から、私がはおりとかたなを見つける。でも、私はみしまさまにもういちどありがとう。 きをつけて下さい。 ヤン

flag From Czech Republic

Dear Mizhima-san, Thank you very much for the lovely yukata, I've worn a full kimono before many times for work, but it is the first time my sister own her own yukata and she was very excited with it. Please find attached out photos taken on Japan Day 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand. All the best. Chuang's sisters

flag From New Zealand

Hi Mishima-san. We went to the Japanese Festival in the St Louis Botanical Garden this weekend. My son loved your Jimbei. I want to buy more for Chirstmas for my husband and other son. I also loved my Yukata,.Thank you for such a good product. For the cost it is good. Also I passed out all of your cards to people walking by and in the Garden gift shop. Have a great day!!I will continue to shop from your store. Thank you very much!