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Customer Reviews

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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
We are so happy to see their big smiles!

We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers.
Why don't you take a few moments to look at the lovely photos of our customers enjoying their kimonos?

Customer Reviews

Hello, I bought a yukata to wear at my local sakura matsuri here in nyc, usa. I loved it! The print and colors of the yukata are beautiful. I also loved my geta and obi set =^.^= I was so happy to wear yukata! Thank you so much, Yuzo-san! I recommended to my friend and I hope to purchase more yukata kimono from you in the future. Hontou arigatou gozaimasu!

flag From USA

Here are some photos of me and my sister wearing the yukata once again we want to think you for sharing this piece of culture with the world. Kind regards,
Mirte Dijkhuizen

flag From Netherlands

This is a picture of me at my High School's Japanese Festival last April. I performed traditional Japanese music on flute with some Okoto players and another flute player.A Japanese woman helped me put my kimono on.
I had a very good time wearing your kimono! Sincerely,
Kelly Henick

Hello Mr. Mishima,
I would like to thank you for my kimono shipment. I really love it and am really happy that I got one from your website. Everything looked really awesome and it was exactly what I wanted.

Hi Yuzo!
Thx for the quick shipping. It's wonderful! We made a special photo for you outside :o) I'm impatient to have a warmer weather to wear the yakata. I'm impressed from the quality. Wahhoww. Thx a lot. I appreciate very for my birthday. cool.

flag From Swiss

初めまして。 カリフォルニアのPasadena在住のRoseanna(ロザンナ)と申します。 見かけアメリカ人ですが、札幌出身です。(笑) お琴を習っていて、1月に演奏の予定があったので着物を購入しました。 着物はいつも人のをお借りしていたので、これは初めて自分で購入した 記念すべき(?)着物です。 イメージ通りで、とってもきれいですごく気に入っています! 年末に注文したので、手元に届くまで時間がかかるカナ~、と思いましたが あっという間に届けられ、演奏の日にも間に合い感謝しました。
ありがとうございました! Roseanna 

flag From USA

Dear Mr.Yuzo
Thank you so much for your fast and careful delivery, My daughter Marie Ann recieved her yukata in few days and she have it at least for one time at day wearing. She loves it!!!! and wore it to the City with very honour. We will be happy to Attache some pictures, we live in Tarragona, Catalua, Espaa and we talk in catalan, so now you have more blessings for another place in the world.So GRACIES DE TOT COR, (thank you from the heart) Thank you

flag From Spain