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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
We are so happy to see their big smiles!

We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers.
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Customer Reviews

親に着物をくれました。うつくしくて、すごいですね。着方はちょっと難しいですが、一生懸命にがんばります。 この着物をもう一度どうもうありがとうございます!

Thank you very much for this beautiful kimono I got from my parents. I cried of happiness when I recieved it. I wish you all the best and hope that you will make more people happy with those beautiful clothes.

Dear Yuzo Mishima,
I ordered one of your beautiful kimonos 2 month ago. Now I want to sent you a picture of me wearing it. It would be an honour if you pic at least one of the picture for your hompage. The Yukata is totally beautiful! I LOVE it! Next time I visit Japan I really have to wear it. Thank you so much!!!
Best regards
Rowena Schultz

flag From Germany

Hi! Two pictures of me with the hakama I purchased from your store. They arrived on time and I am very pleased with their quality.
Thank You, Tom Kaczmarek

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo, Thank you very much!
I have recieved the yukata, geta and obi :) It looks great! I also like the fan you included. I would love to send a picture of me wearing the yukata as soon as possible but i was thinking of waiting until our pre-nuptual photoshoot with my fiance so that both of us will look perfect in our yukatas :) The photoshoot is on February :) Thank you again! I will send a picture and our comments after the photoshoot :)

flag From Philippines


お元気にしていますか?お仕事で忙しいですか?去年の七月、浴衣二つを注文したカナダのマイクです。去年はお世話になりました! 私と彼女のシリアも三島さんの浴衣、素晴らしいと思います!その時、浴衣を着て、大阪の住吉祭りに行きました。神社の雰囲気やお祭りの賑やかさを本当に楽しみました。 本当に、ありがとうございました! それでは、体を大切に、

Dear Yuzo Mishima,
How are you doing? Have you been busy with work? Last year, I purchased two yukata from you. Thank you for taking care of us. My girlfriend Celia and I think your yukata are great. We wore them and went to Osaka's Sumiyoshi Matsuri. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the shrine and the lively festival.
Thank you very much!
- Mike Zdan and Celia Whiting, from Canada

flag From Canada

My girls wore you kimonos for Halloween and received hundreds of compliments on them. Thank you so much!

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo-Sama,
My order has arrived, and it is perfect! I have attached pictures of myself wearing my kimono, obi and nagajuban. I will be wearing it to a convention in October where I will also hand out your business cards. I am thrilled with it all, thank you!

Best wishes, happiness and health to you and your family,


I love my yukata! It is incredibly beautiful, and arrived much sooner than I expected.