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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
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Customer Reviews

Hi Yuzo!
I really love my yukata, the fabric and print is so beautiful in person! I wore my yukata to a Nihon Masturi here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and everyone gave me a lot of wonderful compliments. I was really surprised that I felt so comfortable and not hot in the yukata, it was a really warm day too. I also went to a nearby park where there were some beautiful blossoms and took some photos with my yukata.
Thank you so much!
Thuytrang Julia Nguyen

flag From USA

Hello Yuzo Mishima, thanks for the beautiful yukata. We receive it really quickly et we both enjoy it very much. And the customer service was A1. Thank you again!

Here's some pictures of my daughter in your yukata. It's very nice. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent quality.

These Hakama are great quality, nicely made & nicely priced, shipping was very fast 4 days, Japan - U.K. Yakata Market are very nice people & I would recommend business with them to anyone, thankyou very much, I really hope to do business with you again.

I did want to send you a picture of me in my kimono. I wore this to my boyfriend's college formal. I was the prettiest girl there.
Thank you! Super Sincerely, Carolyn (from New York)

flag From USA

i really enjoy the yukata this is a couple pics when i first tried it on. i will be attending 2008 japan fest this weekend and i cant wait to send more pictures. thank you for the great service and wonderful quality. airgato ^ - ^ !

-Eliza (Mitsuko) C.

Dear Yuzo Mizhima,
I enjoy the yukata very much. It is light-weight and comfortable, as well as durable. My wife likes it too and I think we will be ordering a kimono for her sometime as well.
Thanks again. Aviyah

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo,
I did receive my product! Thank you very much! My yukata set is beautiful and one of the best qualities for yukatas! I love the whole set and I did open it for Christmas, as it was a gift from my mom! Everybody said that it was beautiful and it was such an awesokme gift! ^__^ I am planning on waering it on New Year's or the first Sunday of January and I will send you apicture.
Domo arigatou gozaimasu! ^__^
PS: I will keep watching your shop for new stock and will be buying from you again!