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Customer Reviews

Hello Mishima-san!
I finally have some photos that I can give to you! I used the yukata as an underkimono and then had a kuro-tomosode over it. I was a makeshift maiko without the kanzashi and proper obi. But I did have the okobo shoes! My otosan I think has purchased another kimono since I passed my classes for the tenth grade. I'll send more pictures in that one too!

Hello Yuzo,
I would like to thank you for the quick shipment on these wonderful products! Although I selected standard shipping the package arrived in the US 5 days after placing my order. They were in my home well before the DC cherry blossom festival began! The weather was very nice last weekend, so my girlfriend and I decided to wear our yukata to one of the local parks. I've attached one of the pictures from that day. We plan to dress up for the festival again this weekend, so I can send you more pictures then! Our yukata and geta both fit and look very nice. Thank you! I also want to wish you luck in dealing with the recent tragedies in Japan. I hope that you were able to endure it well. My prayers go out to you and everyone else effected.
Marcus Lauber

Here is Marina Nishida wearing her new kimono at the Cortez Obon Festival.

flag From USA

My name is Courtney McIver Jr and I recently bought one of your yukata kimonos in order to perform a Bon Odori at my university. My yukata is absolutely beautiful and it was perfect for the performance. Also, the price was very good. I highly recommend your website for others because you have so many different design options and each and every yukata is high quality. Thank you for the great product! Sincerely,
-- Courtney C. McIver, Jr

Yes we received it. We attended a japanese cultural festival here in vancouver, thank you.

flag From Canada

Hi there,
Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful yukata! I wore it to Halloween party this year, and received so many compliments! The quality of the yukata is very good, and I'm looking forward to more high quality (silk) kimono as well! Again many thanks to the beautiful outfit, I really enjoyed!

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Hi Yuzo,
Remember me, It had been sometimes since the Yukata i bought from you. I had wore it recently for Bon Odori 2010. It's too hot in Malaysia to wear it for normal days. I had attached some of the photo together in this mail.
Thanks! It's really nice. Joey0

flag From Malaysia

Dear Yuzo Mishima,
Arigatou Gozaimasu for the beautiful and very lovely yukata. It is way better than those cheap polyester kimono and the design is very very amazing and it's comfortable and makes me feel like a pretty present. I had fun wearing it to the 2010 St. Louis Japanese Festival this weekend and I got several comments from people on how beautiful it was. And I even wore it to a country picnic too. It felt awkward at first and both my friend and I received stares and weird comments but after awhile it felt nice and people came to us and gave us compliments. Once again, thankyou so much! I've referred several friends to your website too since they all loved my yukata. =^.^=

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