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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
We are so happy to see their big smiles!

We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers.
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Customer Reviews

Dear Yukata Kimono Market Sakura, Thank you so much for the beautiful Kimono. I am very pleased and look forward to wearing it to the summer festivals in California. Best of luck to you!

flag From USA

We used it last Saturday in's my daughter, wearing it while singing up front. Hontoni menkoi!!! Thanks again for such a speedy delivery! Great produce and service!!!

flag From USA

Dear Mishima Yuzo, as I promised, a photo from me, at the Sakura-Festival in Hamburg, Germany. It was a great evening and lots of fun. Thank you for this wonderful Kimono! Domo arigato gozaimasu! I'm looking forward to the next Kimono, I picked out to order ;-). Best regards

flag From Germany

I am sending you a picture of me wearing my Kimono from Yukata Kimono Market Sakura. I wore it for a New Years Party and I received many compliments! Thank you very much for my Kimono. Sincerely,

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo Mishima, I love the yukatas and kimonos I buy from you. I now have 4 yukata and 2 kimono and 1 furisode kimono! I wear my kimono to work on Fridays. This is me in my Halloween costume! I am a kitsune! Thank you for your wonderful product.

flag From USA

I am very happy with my yukata and my belt. They are really beautiful ! I'm so honored to wear a yukata. I had this yukata for Christmas and I am very pleased. Thank you very much for allowing us to have access to these authentic clothes ! I hope to go to Japan one day !

flag From France

This is the picture of one of my trials with the yukata and I'm also trying out different ways to tie the obi. Just one thing I need to clarify regarding the picture. I SWEAR! The yukata looks MUCH BETTER in real life! I didn't have a camera with me so I was forced to take a picture with my phone. It would look a million times better with if it was taken with a camera. Once again, thank you for your awesome service and product. I would highly recommend your site to others who are interested in Yukata and Kimono.


flag From Malaysia

Hello, We are very happy with Yukata's and Jinbei we received from you. We are at the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida for Lantern Festival in the Spirit of Obon.
Thank You,

flag From USA