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Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world.
We are so happy to see their big smiles!

We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers.
Why don't you take a few moments to look at the lovely photos of our customers enjoying their kimonos?

Customer Reviews

Hello Yuzo We picked up our Yukata from the post office two days ago. These are pics of us wearing your Yukata. Since this is our first time wearing a Yukata, we are very pleased with the pattern and the quality of your product. Again, thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. We love our Yukata !!! Thanks,

flag From USA

I have purchased two kimono from Sakura and they are both excellent pieces that I adore wearing. This kimono I recently wore to Nihon Mitsuri, a japanese festival in Salt Lake City UT, and it was given rave reviews! Can't wait to wear the one I purchased for fall. Sincerely,

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo Mishima
I really like my yukata, I put it on the moment I get home. It is very comfortable I even workout in it. I'm just waiting for it to get warmer so I can wear it out side.
I wish you much success in your business, health and happiness to you and your family

flag From USA

Dear Yuzo, . Thank you so much! We recived the items and my wife is so lovely in the kimono. She loves it. We are so happy. Here is one photo about her in the kimono.

flag From Denmark

Dear Mishima san Here is a photo of me wearing my new hakama. As you can see the length is perfect and it 'hangs' perfectly as well. I will be wearing it for my next attempt at Iaido Rokudan. Domo arigato gozaimasu. Yours

flag From The UK

Dear みしまさん
In October I bought from you a Yukata set for my girlfriend in Israel. She likes it very much and she looks lovely in her Yukata. I'm sending you some photos of her wearing the Yukata, and I allow you to polish them in your website with a reference. Her name is Dana Linsker and she lives in Israel.

flag From Israel

Dear Yuzo Mishima
I got my Samurai Style Yukata Kimono on my birthday and I received my Kinchaku I ordered from you two days after. I really love the design and colour. And the Kinchaku goes well with my Kimono. Impressive service. Can't wait to wear it on the next Matsuri Event in Darling Harbour Sydney.

flag From Australia

Hi, yesterday, I had the pleasure to wear the beautiful summer kimono for the chanoyu class. Thak you

flag From Canada