from the organizer

Hello everyone. I am Yuzo Mishima from Kimono, Yukata Market Sakura.
My vision is to share Japanese kimono culture with the rest of the word and spread the excitement of kimono and yukata culture to everyone.
We are also holding this contest so that our valued customers can enjoy kimonos and yukatas for themselves.
Now, get out there and take your best picture of the absolute best kimono and yukata look you can pull off, and then submit it as your entry. I really hope that you’ll have fun with this contest.

Kimono Yukata contest 2017

Your vote decides the Kimono yukata contest 2017 winner ?
Just click "Like" , then click "Confirm" and vote on as many pictures as you like! Share your favorite photos with your friends by clicking on the "Share" button. The voting period is from mid-September, 2017 to December 31st, 2017 the end of April 2018, so be sure to get your vote in!

Voting period: Until 31 December 2017 the end of April 2018
First Prize is US $ 300 / 2nd to 5th Prize is $10 gift voucher

Unfortunately your "Like it" votes were not recorded properly because of an error. The voting period has now been extended until the end of April 2018. Please vote again!

Join others from around the world and share your kimono or yukata experience with us!
Be sure to also visit our Customer Reviews page and see what others are saying about their kimono yukata experience.
How to get the most out of your experience:
- Try wearing it to special cultural events like Japanese tea ceremony, flower arranging, or a performance
- Wear your kimono or yukata to Japanese festivals (cherry blossom festivals, fireworks festivals, summer festivals, Bon dance festivals)
- Dress up in your kimono or yukata for Halloween
- Send some kimono or yukata as Christmas gifts
- Watch Japanese anime while wearing a yukata
Women / Yukata / Kimono
- We recommend a four-piece set starting at $69.99. It includes these essential items: yukata, belt, waist cord, and getasandal.
Men / Yukata / Kimono
- Select the size of the yukata you like, and remember to order bands and geta, too!
Kids / Girls / Boys
- Choose the size according to age