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[Men] Obi Belts

Obi belts are must-have items because they keep your yukata kimono or traditional kimono in place. In addition, an obi belt can be a beautiful accessory around your waist.

By simply changing the obi belt, you can change the image of your yukata kimono or kimono, even if you wear the same one. You can enjoy various coordinations by changing out the obi belts.

Please enjoy your yukata kimono or traditional kimono by changing obi belts.

Stiff Obi Belt / Kaku Obi

Stiff obi belts are called "kaku obi" in Japanese. They can be used with both yukata kimonos and traditional kimonos.


  • - We have 2 types of obi belts: standard and deluxe.
  • - Standard stiff obi belts bring out the color and beauty of a yukata kimono.
  • - We recommend wearing standard obi belts with yukata kimonos or for kimono beginners.
  • - Deluxe obi belts have beautiful traditional patterns all over them.
  • * All items are brand new.

Traditional Obi Belt

Traditional obi belts have a more luxurious feel compared to stiff obi belts. They are made with great care using artisans' techniques.


  • - Can be used with both yukata kimono and traditional kimono.
  • - Each obi is made with great care and technique by artisans.
  • - All items are from kimono auctions. Every belt is a one of a kind.
  • * The detailed condition of each item is on the product page.