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The best way to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in your kimono or yukata.
This article can help you if you want to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms wearing a kimono or yukata.

Do you have the following questions ?
・what should I wear?  
・Will be cold?
・I am not sure if this Kimono is the right one to wear?
・Where do I put my personal items?
What is Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) ?
In Japan, cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan from the end of March to April (for about 2 weeks). It's really beautiful and we Japanese have a culture of enjoying cherry blossoms wearing kimonos. If you like kimonos, let's go wear a kimono and watch cherry blossoms together.
Our customers are enjoying cherry blossom viewing wearing their kimonos and yukatas.
How to find places where you can view cherry blossoms around the world.
Many cherry blossom trees are sent from Japan to overseas. You may even be able to see cherry blossoms in your country or town.

The Best Cities in the US to See Cherry Blossoms

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Macon's International Cherry Blossom Festival


My city. In Chofu, beautiful cherry blossoms bloom along the river in April and light up at night.

Place a search on the Internet with  
"Name of your country" + "cherry blossom".

USA  CANADA   Australia   Germany   France   The UK   Spain   Italy

Which kimono items should you prepare for cherry blossom viewing?
Women   Men
Kimono or yukata Kimono or yukata 
Obi belt and inner belt Obi belt and inner belt
Geta sandals or Zori sandals (only kimono) Geta sandals or Setta sandals
Undergarment Undergarment
Tabi socks Tabi socks
Haori Jacket (only kimono) Haori Jacket (only kimono)
Kinchaku pouch or kimono bag (only kimono) Kinchaku pouch
Advice cherry-blossom viewing with kimono and yukata.

Use or wear pink, white or cherry blossom patterned items. For example, in your kimono, yukata, obi belt, sandals, pouch or bag. By doing so, you will match the blossoms around you.

Take measures against the cold by wearing undergarments, tabi socks, a haori jacket (only with a kimono), and a Japanese patterned or pink muffler.

A yukata is fine to wear for cherry blossom viewing, but a kimono is warmer because it is lined and made of silk.

Place your personal items like keys and money in a kimono bag or kinchaku pouch. A regular handbag will clash with a traditional kimono or yukata.
Emiko had a cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. It was popular with tourists from countries around the world. Emiko wore a white and pink yukata with an undergarment, a yellow obi belt, tabi socks and a white scarf.
These are reviews from our customers who went cherry blossom viewing wearing their kimonos or yukatas.
They were made from high-quality material. Customer service was also excellent with the fast responses and even asking if our yukatas came in good condition. Shipping was also very fast and the package was organized very well
Hello, I bought a yukata to wear at my local sakura matsuri here in nyc, usa. I loved it! The print and colors of the yukata are beautiful. I also loved my geta and obi set =^.^= I was so happy to wear yukata! Thank you so much, Yuzo-san! I recommended to my friend and I hope to purchase more yukata kimono from you in the future. Hontou arigatou gozaimasu! Sybil
Dear Mr.Yuzo Thank you so much for your fast and careful delivery, My daughter Marie Ann recieved her yukata in few days and she have it at least for one time at day wearing. She loves it!!!! and wore it to the City with very honour. We will be happy to Attache some pictures, we live in Tarragona, Catalua, Espaa and we talk in catalan, so now you have more blessings for another place in the world.So GRACIES DE TOT COR, (thank you from the heart) Thank you
Hi Yuzo, Thanks sooooo much for your great help. I did receive my yukata on time and got the chance to wear it to the cherry blossoms festival in DC. Attached are some of the pictures. Thanks, Qi Hi Yuzo, I did wear the Yukata I got from Yukata Kimono Market Sakura, when I went Cherry Blossom viewing in Washington D.C. I took a lot of pictures and all the people saw my pic said the Yukata is beautiful!
Hi Yuzo! I really love my yukata, the fabric and print is so beautiful in person! I wore my yukata to a Nihon Masturi here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and everyone gave me a lot of wonderful compliments. I was really surprised that I felt so comfortable and not hot in the yukata, it was a really warm day too. I also went to a nearby park where there were some beautiful blossoms and took some photos with my yukata. Thank you so much! Thuytrang Julia Nguyen
Hello Yuzo, I would like to thank you for the quick shipment on these wonderful products! Although I selected standard shipping the package arrived in the US 5 days after placing my order. They were in my home well before the DC cherry blossom festival began! The weather was very nice last weekend, so my girlfriend and I decided to wear our yukata to one of the local parks. I've attached one of the pictures from that day. We plan to dress up for the festival again this weekend, so I can send you more pictures then! Our yukata and geta both fit and look very nice. Thank you! I also want to wish you luck in dealing with the recent tragedies in Japan. I hope that you were able to endure it well. My prayers go out to you and everyone else effected. Marcus Lauber
Dear Yuzo, As promised, here are our photos wearing the yukatas that I bought from you. It was my gift to my boyfriend on our second year anniversary. We wore it when we went to our local Sakura Matsuri here in New York (Brooklyn Botanical Garden) last April 30. A lot of people took photos of us and with us, adoring how beautiful our yakatas were! We both loved it! In fact, we can wear it everyday or whenever we go to japanese restaurants! I think this is the start of my yukata fever. I want to buy more! It's so lovely and very comfortable, even the geta! Thank you for such wonderful yukatas...and fast delivery as well! Please let me know if you are having trouble opening the pictures and I will send them to you again. Much thanks, Judith

Let's get ready for cherry blossom viewing right now.
What do you need to wear?

Women   Men
Kimono or yukata Kimono or yukata 
Obi belt and inner belt Obi belt and inner belt
Geta sandals or Zori sandals (only kimono) Geta sandals or Setta sandals
Undergarment Undergarment
Tabi socks Tabi socks
Haori Jacket (only kimono) Haori Jacket (only kimono)
Kinchaku pouch or kimono bag (only kimono) Kinchaku pouch

Hello, this is Yuzo.
I am very happy that many people outside of Japan enjoyed cherry blossom viewing wearing their kimonos or yukatas.
I hope this article will help you to prepare for cherry blossom viewing with your kimono or yukata.
Please share this article with your friends. If you have any questions, please contact me. Have a happy kimono life!