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Women's Kimono & Yukata Accessories

We've collected accessories for women's traditional kimonos.

Accessories for obi belts (Obijime or Obiage) are not must-have items, but they bring out the beauty of your kimono and obi belts. Therefore, we highly recommend that you wear them.

In addition to obi accessories, we also have lucky finds from kimono auctions and flea markets. Please have a look!

Obijime & Obiage

Obijime and Obi-Age are accessories for obi belts. They bring out the beauty of your obi belt and traditional kimono.


  • - A colorful rope for the obi belt that helps it keep its shape.
  • - Also serves as a decoration around the obi belt.
  • - A cloth which decorates the top part of an obi belt.
  • - There are many types and designs: shibori, embroidered, and so on.
  • - Though you can only see a little bit of it, it has an important role as a decoration.
  • - All the items are from auctions. Each item is a one of a kind.


Other accessories for traditional kimonos. By adding a small accessory, you can change the image of your traditional kimono, even if you wear the same one.


  • - Can be used with traditional kimonos.
  • - All items are from auctions and flea markets. Each item is a one of a kind.
  • * Detailed condition of each item is on the product page.