Traditional Japanese kimono are more formal than yukata but can still be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Traditional kimono have gorgeous designs and coloring and can be worn or used for ornamental decoration. The Japanese kimono is considered ‘wearable art’ since many artisans' techniques are used on one kimono. These traditional techniques and designs are breathtakingly beautiful - it is hard to find words to describe them. We buy most of our Japanese kimono from kimono auctions where only a limited number of professional kimono buyers can participate, and no two kimono are the same. We hope you enjoy wearing your kimono and appreciate the detail and uniqueness of each design.
Traditional pattern
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Retro Pattern
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Black Formal Pattern
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A long-sleeved kimono or “furisode” is covered entirely with gorgeous patterns that are more intricate when compared with other kimono. The patterns make these kimono beautiful for ornamental decoration too. While furisode are popular since maiko and geiko in Japan traditionally worn them, they are now worn by ordinary women for celebrations and special events as well.
Long Sleeved Kimono / Furisode
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A kimono jacket or ‘haori’ is a jacket worn over a kimono. It is used to protect your kimono from dust and to keep you warm during colder months. It is also worn as a jacket for more formal occasions.
Kimono Jacket / Haori
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A wedding kimono is called "Uchikake" in Japanese. It is heavily embroidered and has overwhelming designs. Features: - An ornate coat worn over a traditional kimono. - Worn at a wedding ceremony as the bridal clothes in Japan. - Can be used for ornamental purposes.
Braidal Kimono / Uchikake
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Terms of Service
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Refund policy
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Deluxe yukata are for people who are looking for a higher quality yukata kimono made with fine fabrics that have many colors creating beautiful patterns.
Deluxe Yukata
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Standard yukata kimono are for people who want a yukata kimono at a more affordable price made with cotton fabric and fewer dyes are used than the deluxe yukata.
Standard yukata
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These are clearance four-piece yukata kimono sets that include all of the must-have items for wearing a kimono yukata. Sets include a yukata kimono, koshi himo, obi belt, and geta sandals.
Clearance Sale
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Plus size yukata kimono are suitable for a person whose waist is under 51 inch / 130cm. Yukata are very versatile and can be worn for all occasions and during all seasons. These are great for events, cosplay, and as loungewear. Yukata are commonly worn in Japan to outdoor events in the spring and summer like fireworks, cherry blossom viewing, and parties.
Plus size Yukata
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Women Obi Belt
Flat obi belts ("Hira obi" in Japanese) are suitable for yukata kimonos or for Japanese kimono beginners. We have 2 types of flat obi belts: plain and patterned.
Flat obi belt / Hira Obi
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Obi belts with pre-tied bows ("Musubi obi" in Japanese) are very popular, especially for yukata kimono beginners. Anyone can tie the obi belt beautifully in a few minutes.
Obi with Pre-tied bow / Mashubi obi
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Woven and dyed obi belts ("Han-haba obi" in Japanese) have rich colors and are of higher quality compared to flat obi belts. They are not too formal and can be used with both yukata kimonos and Japanese kimonos.
Woven & Dyed obi / Han-haba obi
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Traditional kimono obi belts ("Maru obi" or "Fukuro obi" in Japanese) are decorated with gorgeous and artistic designs all over.
Traditional kimono obi
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Traditional kimono obi with pre-tied bow ("Musubi obi" in Japanese) are our original products which we rework with traditional kimono obi belts.
Traditional obi with pre-tied bow
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Three-piece Set: obi belt, koshi himo, and geta sandals. This set is cheaper than buying everything separately. An obi belt is highly recommended because it keeps your yukata or Japanese kimono in place. In addition, an obi belt can be a beautiful accessory to your kimono.
Obi belt & Geta sandal set
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Women Footwear
In Japan, people wear geta sandals or zori sandals when they wear yukata kimonos or Japanese kimonos. Geta sandals are made from wood with rubber soles and the sandal thongs are made from remnants of kimono fabric. Zori sandals are more formal than geta sandals. They are worn with traditional kimonos.
Medium size
US 5-7.5
UK 4-6
EU 36-40
24cm / 9.4inch
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Large size
US 7.5-8.5 
UK 6-8
EU 40-43
25.5cm / 10inch
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Extra Large size
US 9-10.5
UK 8-9.5
EU 44-47 
27cm / 10.6inch
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Pokkuri Geta sandals are the traditional Japanese sandals for Maiko or Furisode. Pokkuri Geta sandals have a tighter fit compared to normal sandals.
Pokkuri geta sandals
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In Japan, people wear zori sandals when they wear Japanese kimonos. Zori sandals have a tighter fit compared to normal sandals.
Zori sandals
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This is a brand new undergarment. Showing the collar of the kimono undergarment from beneath your yukata kimono creates an elegant and beautiful look.
Underwear for kimono & yukata
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This is a kimono undergarment for long-sleeved kimono or 'furisode' and regular Japanese kimono. They are very soft with beautiful patterns. We recommend wearing them under Japanese kimono.
Underwera for Furisode & kimono
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Women Accessories

Obi-jime is accessories for obi belts. They bring out the beauty of your obi belt and traditional kimono.

- A colorful rope for the obi belt that helps it keep its shape.

- Also serves as a decoration around the obi belt.

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Obi-age is accessories for obi belts. They bring out the beauty of your obi belt and traditional kimono.
- A cloth which decorates the top part of an obi belt.
- There are many types and designs: shibori, embroidered, and so on.
- Though you can only see a little bit of it, it has an important role as a decoration.
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Kinchaku pouch is used as an accessory case when wearing a yukata.
Kinchaku Pouch
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In Japan, people wear tabi socks when they wear yukata kimonos or Japanese kimonos.
Tabi Socks
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Kimono bag for traditional kimonos. By adding a small accessory, you can change the image of your traditional kimono, even if you wear the same one.
Kimono bag
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Kimono hunger
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You also need those items to wear Women.

You need those items Order together for Women.

  • Kimono

  • Obi belt

  • Inner belt

  • Geta Sandal

  • Underwear

  • Tabi Socks

  • Kinchaklu

  • Hanger

Grade of Items for Women


Kimono made by top-class or famous craftsmen and workshops. All techniques (weaving, dyeing, embroidery) are great. The patterns and fabrics are both wonderful. In addition, it is kimono which we selected in our shop standard. Reference price (Brand new): over 6000US$

Top grade

All techniques (weaving, dyeing, embroidery) are great. The patterns and fabrics are both wonderful. In addition, it is kimono which we selected in our shop standard. Reference price (Brand new): over 3000US$

Good product

Technique (weaving, dyeing, embroidery) is good. Patterns and fabrics are good. Reference price (Brand new): over 1500US$

Normal product

Kimono for the masses. General, simple design. Made by machine at the factory.

Condition of Items for women

Condition AAA

As good as new. We can see very Little signs of wear and Stains on it. No Problem to wear.

Condition AA

Use only a few times so far. We can see little signs of wear. There are very little stains on it but they are unnoticeable. No problem to wear it.

Condition A

Very good condition of all the used kimono. We can see a little signs of wear. There are small stains on it but not mind too much. You can wear it.

Condition B

We can see signs of wear and stains on it. You can wear it if you don't mind the stains.

Condition C

Well-used Japanese kimono. We can clearly see signs of wear and stains on it. It isn't suitable for wearing on formal occasions. But it is suitable for enjoying the traditional atmosphere of Japanese kimono, or for cosplaying, costumes for a play or ornamental purposes.

Condition D

Very well-used Japanese kimono. We can see damages and big stains on it. You can use it for a play or cosplaying of hard training priest by using the oldness of the kimono, or you can use it as reference materials for your study.