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Great quality

Great quality of the product and fast delivery. Very happy with my order.

What a Lovely Idea

Wearing kimono just makes me happy. How nice to expand how many people get to share that joy and have more color and art in their life.
Do not confuse free with cheap.... these kimonos are beautiful.

Warehouse sale kimono wf-2set #466
M P.
Five Stars

I very happy with what I ordered. They were also sent quickly. Thank you.


It was a present for my friend. He was very happy about it and his words were:
It's really comfortable to wear. Especially the pattern and the fabric are good.
I am in love with it and the delivery was quick as well.

Thanl you for the wonderful service.

Free kimono wf-2set #343
Werner Zahrl
Beautiful kimonos with a touch of Japanese history

Precision and beauty with a touch of Japanese history.
These are kimonos from you. I am very grateful to receive such beautiful kimonos from you so that I can spread your culture here in the Czech Republic through my beautiful wife

Warehouse sale kimono wf-2set #451
Love this store!

I always know when I order from here that the quality will be good and just as shown in the photos, and that my order will be fulfilled in a timely manner - and the packages always seem to come in super fast!

Great Quality

This is a present for my boyfriend and while he hasn’t tried it on yet, I can tell the quality is very good. The fabric is light yet sturdy and looks exactly like the pictures. I’m sure my boyfriend will love it.

Obi-age / OA #431
Sharon K
So Cheerful

I really appreciate the obi age that have the ruched stitches.... makess your kitsuke look very tidy. This material is gorgeous. Thank you again for the fast shipping and having everything arrive in perfect condition. Love this company!!!!

Japanese kimono / BK #325
Nancy Whited8
Heavy material, beautiful picture

The fabric was heavy and pretty design. I thought it was 2nd hand however there was basting white threads along every seam and edge and it took me a while to cut and remove it all. It was delivered quickly but received message from parcel company asking for my credit card # for duty. A heads up would have informed me so I wasn't nervous as to what I was approving.

The first kimono set : PK #397
Calcium J Wright
Childhood Accomplishment 🌸

o(〃^▽^〃)o the kimono arrived just in time before thanksgiving🌸 I wore it around the store and at home! As a kid I always dreamed of wearing a kimono an now I accomplish that dream! And also thank you for the matcha tea (≧∇≦)/🌸

Free kimono wf-2set #410
Patricia L.
Beautiful kimonos

The quality of the fabrics and designs in these kimonos is excellent. They also arrived promptly and well-packaged.

Free kimono wf-2set #419
Michelle David
Beautiful as always

Very happy with everything I have ordered from this wonderful store

Even more gorgeous in person

The picture on the website truly does not do this beautiful piece of artwork anywhere near its true beauty. So lovely and the material is heavenly. I could not be happier with the love and care that comes qith each kimono..I'm getting obsessed..I have like 5 now!

Very comfortable

I'm using the jinbei as pajamas, and they're great. Skin needed to get used to the fabric, but that didn't take more than 2 days. I'd definitely recommend them.

Free kimono wf-2set #349
Chelsea Coats

These two free kimono arrived so fast and were such high quality. The website photos doesn't do them justice! I didn't expect such nice kimono, I assumed it would just be plain cotton. I will give one to my sister and hopefully we can war them soon.

Japanese kimono / BK #692
Sharon K
Beautiful Kurosode

How nice to find a formal kimono long enough for someone tall like me..... The pattern is amazing and just
as pictured. It arrived super fast, I am so happy with it, thank you so much!!!!! You can be confident
that whatever you purchase from this company, it will not just be right, it will be wonderful.

Obi-age / OA #361
Sharon K
Autumn Art Work

The small black kiku on this obi-age just spoke to my heart..... I thought that it might go with one obi I had, so I bought it. Upon arrival,
I find that it goes with nearly every obi I have, slanting them slightly darker in case I want to wear it with a darker kimono.... How useful!!!!
Also, the kiku only show from one side, so I can flip it and have and in between color shift if I want. This truly is what it means to have
wearable art. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful item in my possession. The packaging and shipping could not have been faster or more
careful, I am really impressed and happy to have purchased it. Thank you!!!!!

Obi-age / OA #397
Sharon K
Super Pretty Detail

The color is exact. The flower detail has the shirring that makes tying go faster and smoother.... I love it.
Also, I really appreciate the very careful packaging of the obi-age, so they are protected and nice. Thank you so much!!!!!

Obi-age / OA #380
Sharon K
Elegant Option

The color of this obi-age has exceeded my hopes.... The silk has a kiku pattern woven in, like iromuji kimono, and while I got this one to
specifically go with my black and gold obi, it blends with every obi I have. When it does, it makes them look more Autumn, reserved, formal....
It is a chameleon I will enjoy from now on. :) Thank you so much!!!!!!

Obi-age / OA #249
Sharon K
So Beautiful

This item is even more lovely in person.... colors are photographed correctly, difficult to do with reflective fabric like silk. I got this one to go with a Fukuro Obi I purchased in Kyoto, and the match is perfect. I could not be happier with it. The care and packaging of it is so precise and nice. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Women kimono jacket / W-Ha #1-592
Joyce G.
Excellent quality

As a returning customer, I was already familiar with the excellent quality of the merchandise as well as the outstanding customer service. Beautiful kimonos!

Free kimono wf-2set #391
Amazing quality

Thank you so much for these two beautiful kimonos! They are in perfect condition. I am sharing it with my mother, and I can’t wait to wear it when I travel to Japan next year!

Free kimono wf-2set #403
Sherry Williams
So beautiful

I was surprised on free ones, the quality was nice so beautiful and the color was great on me. I gave the other one to my cousin and she loved it too. We are really happy and are going to buy accessories
now :) arrived quickly

Free kimono wf-2set #404
Miranda De kever - Folkers
Perfect for me and a friend

Love the fabrics of these kimonos! The dark one is perfect for when its starting to be a little cold outside and the green one is very airy and summer vibe!
Going to give the green one to a friend. Very excited to see her reaction.

Import costs to the netherlands was under 10€ shipping was fast like always. Came in within 3 weeks.

Free kimono wf-2set #347
These are great!

I love both of these so much! The green silk one is so pretty and elegant in its simplicity, and the plaid on is fun—I can’t wait for my sibling to try it on!