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Just as expected a perfect yukata with vibrant colors and kirei nadeshiko. Shipping with Fed-Ex was fantastic and arrived before expected. Can't wait to show these SUGOI yukatas off!

Arrived quickly and looks Great!

Was arriving very early and is looking like new even it was rated A only. Thank you very much!


I am a black female and weigh around 270 Ibs. I bought this Yukata for my upcoming trip to Japan in August. The Yukata is so soft and the color is beautiful. I will say I am short (5'2) and my chest is big so learning how to adjust the Yukata for my frame is quite the challenge. But it fits well, and I'm still learning. The belt is so beautiful and easy to add to the Yukata. Definitely will be buying from here again. I hope to lose more weight so when I return to Japan I can wear more Yukata's and buy a Kimono from here as well. I'll add pics soon.

Great quality and quick delivery

Really great quality Yukata which I have been using as home wear on hot days, the delivery was very fast too, would definitely recommend

Beautiful obi

Great fabric and feel with wonderful colors to match many kimonos

Reversible jacket

Great quality, unique craftsmanship especially in the neckline and fasteners

Men kimono / M-KM #884
Michael John Punsalan
Excellent Quality Kimono

The kimono is very beautiful, and fits me perfectly. It's pretty hard to find kimonos for smaller size, and this one is just right.

Gorgeous - so happy with my order!


The only complaint I have, is the strings holding it together tore a small hole. I am 5 foot 8 inches and have a large bust. This is slightly bigger than I needed but with lots of learning, I am able to work magic.
I have several from this business now and I am able to wear a Yukata once or twice a week with ease.
Thank you,

Everything I have purchased from these guys have been beautiful and comfortable.

The bag is in impeccable condition and is even more beautiful in person. Thank you!

Very comfortable and soft.

Beautiful! I'm more than happy, and I'll cherish these kimono items. Thank you!

Japanese kimono / TK #1-812
Tommy Sachariasen
Absolutely Stunning

Shipment was fast and the kimono I brought was just beautiful! Quality of the material and design is still in great condition! I love it!

Men yukata kimono / MX #871
Tommy Sachariasen

Excellent quality

I love it!!

I’m going to be wearing this to a little festival soon! I’m so excited and it fits very well! I was also sent a little Matcha green tea pouch which was very nice and thoughtful. I will definitely buy from here again when I have the chance! Fast shipping as well 😊

Excellent robe

Comfortable and love the pattern.

I love it!

Since I got the kimono I've found every excuse to wear it as often as possible! it wasn't as thick as I was expecting it to be, but honestly with how much I enjoy wearing it, that isn't even something I dislike about it! the underbelt I got for it was a bit small for me, though I don't really wear it without Hakima pants anyway, so that's also not an issue. I'm loving that kimono so far! I did accidentally tear the sleeve while I was standing up from a chair, but I'm currently having that repaired. I can't wait to wear it more!

The picture I have attached was when I had lost a challenge, so my friends had put makeup on me. It was a very fun night! I was also supposed to wear a tiara, though that isn't in this picture as some of the pictures from that night make me cringe a little bit, lol.

The Kimono fits great, I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Great Nagajuban!

Great quality nagajuban that will work well under my kimono! I will probably be hemming it a bit, but I think that it's nice that this will work well for taller people as well! Would recommend!

Obi-age / OA #502
Very cute obi age!

This obi age was packaged carefully and arrived safe and sound! The colours are a bit more vivid in person, but otherwise, it looks just like the photos! Very nice quality and looks lovely in person with a variety of obi. Thank you!

Japanese kimono / PK #762
Lovely Kimono!

The kimono arrived quickly and safely and was just as described! The colour is a bit more vibrant in person, but it's otherwise completely accurate to the photos! Very nice quality and was stitched and folded neatly for safe packing and travel. Thank you!

Beautiful garment, fabulous quality

The pictures accurately showed the condition of the haori. It arrived quickly, and in beautiful condition. The fabric quality is so good! Very pleased with this purchase.