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High quality kimono at affordable price

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the kimono from the warehouse sale. The one I purchased is not only made of good quality silk but also in great condition! It's almost new! Yet the price is so affordable. The warehouse sale items are definitely worth buying!

High quality obijime

This obijime is quite expensive but it's of high quality. The condition is pretty much new because even the original package is intact. I'm pleased with the purchase and will be buying more products from this website.

Lovely silk obi

I really like this silk, woven obi. It's so soft and smooth to touch, feels luxurious. I love the sakura pattern. I think it'd go well with my yukata and casual komon kimono (both purchased on this website). I am pleased with the quality of the products here so I am ready to place another order soon.


My new yukata is beautiful , nice cotton and stunning print! Already recommended to my friends!! quick delivery!

obi belts beautiful

bought four. all excellent. service was timely.


The pattern is gorgeous and the piece is in amazing shape. There is some see able wear, but I expected this due to the clear quality rating system. This is exactly what I ordered and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Great set!

This set is amazing. On top of the main piece being beautiful, the obi is the best combination of of pre-tied and still looks amazing.

Great Product and fast devilery

It's a great Product and fits perfectly. Very easy to use und beautiful colors. The delivery also was very fast to Germany. Arigatou!

Stunning Yukata Kimono

I selected this particular Yukata Kimono because of the gorgeous pattern and because the colours are my favorite; pink, lavender, white against a contrasting black background. It is more stunning than in the photo. It is made of high quality cotton which makes it comfortable to wear and is extremely well constructed. I also carefully selected and purchased the perfect, Obi, Obi-age, Obi-jimi, Kinchaku pouch, Han-eri, Geta sandals and undergarment to match. Now I have the perfect ensemble. Each item is of excellent quality and defies description in terms of the sheer beauty, elegance and subtlety. Mr Mishimi, was of great assistance in helping me to select exactly what I wanted. I was greatly disappointed that the Kinchaku pouch I wanted to match was listed as 'out of stock'. However, Mr. Mishimi went to great length to locate one which happened to be available. I could not be more pleased. I dressed up in my entire outfit to celebrate my birthday because my son and his fiancee arrived from Asia after being separated for almost two years due to the global pandemic.

So cute! I love it

My friend and I have been wanting to wear a yukata for the festivals held in our state for years, and this set was great for me! I'll admit that it's a bit difficult to put on (especially the obi belt), but I'm sure that it's just something that will become easier with practice. Since I'm 5'5" I worried that the yukata would be too short on me, butit seems to fit just fine. Now to learn how to walk in the geta sandals...

Better than I thought

The quality is much better than I thought. Shipping got me to much faster than I thought and the kimono is awesome, clean, and beautiful!

Great new yukata. I purchased six in the last years from Kimono yukata market.

Great quality as ever, Yuzo.

A ver good product

Yukata is as beatifull as pictures


Beautiful material, talented sewing. I was amazed at the pattern before I could get it fully out the packaging. The size runs a little small though.

I really love the pattern on the kimono. When my package came it was in great condition and it came early. I'm happy with it and just got another kimono. Just to say I'm happy with everything I got. Thanks

Men hakama : Stripe
Logan Browning
Beautiful hakama

Beautiful, well crafted and good price

Kimono, hakama, kimono jacket

Love it. Great quality and arrived a lot faster than I thought. Everything is perfect with it. The only thing I noticed is it smells a little like a basement. But washing it took that right away.

Han-eri / HE #125
Wendy Shapiro
A Museum Piece

This Hen-eri belongs in a museum. I was astounded by the sheer beauty, subtlety and elegance of this unique hen-eri. The color is so subtle that it is indescribable. The embroidery is astoundingly beautiful. The needlework is highly sophisticated and the overall presentation defies description. I purchased this particular han-eri to match one of my many Yukata Kimonos I have purchased from this exceptional online store. I could not be more pleased with this unanticipated pleasure, which I will treasure. Mr. Mishimi was of great assistance in helping me select this han-eri. You will not find a more knowledgable and courteous customer service representative than Mr. Mishimi.

Han-eri / HE #121
Wendy Shapiro
The Most Magnificent Han-eri Ever

I was astounded by the sheer beauty, subtlety and elegance of this particular Han-eri. The color which is indescribable has the most sophisticated embroidery. I selected it because I wanted something which would enhance one of my Yukata Kimonos. This Han-eri belongs in a museum collection. I could not be more pleased with the many items I have purchased from this phenomenal online store which provides such a variety of women's clothing, so that it is nearly impossible to just select one out of the many offerings. Mr. Mishimi was exceedingly courteous and helpful in providing very accurate and detailed information about the purchase of this Han-eri. I would strongly recommend if you are interested in authentic Japanese attire for women, that you only consider this phenomenal online store. Every single one of my many purchases have delighted me and will be treasured.

Kinchaku pouch #64
Wendy Shapiro
Magnificent Kinchaku Pouch

I had recently purchased two Yukata Kimonos, in additional to one I had already purchased over a year ago. I was specifically looking for a color which matched one of my newly purchased Kimonos. This particular Kinchaku pouch was similar to one in a photograph with an ensemble on this online store, so I purchased it immediately. It is not only practical but is aesthetically outstandingly beautiful. The fabric used is of the highest quality and the pattern amazes me by its sheer elegance. I could not be more pleased with this particular item. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for authentic clothing for women purchase from this phenomenal online store. You will be amazed by what you receive which is quickly dispatched. It was delivered to my doorstep in a matter of days. Absolutely incomparable to any other seller on the internet.

Obi-age / OA #262
Wendy Shapiro
Magnificent Obi-Age

This Obi-Age is exceptionally beautiful. When I opened the package I was astounded by how stunning it really is, which the photographs cannot truly capture. I purchased it specifically to coordinate with a Yukata Kimono and obi belt. The cloth is of the highest quality and the design is striking and magnificent. The red and black floral pattern interspersed with gold is highly unusual. This particular Obi-Age belongs in a major museum exhibition. I could not be more thrilled with this purchase, one of many from this phenomenal online store.

White Tabi socks 1 set
Wendy Shapiro
Lovely Tabi Socks

I ordered only one pair because I was not sure of the fit. However, this set of Tabi socks far exceeded my expectations. They are made of the highest quality material and are well constructed. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and fit perfectly. I could not be more pleased with this particular (one of many) purchases from this phenomenal online store.

Kinchaku pouch #66
Wendy Shapiro
The Most Stunning Kinchaku Pouch Imaginable

I was looking for a certain colour scheme to match one of the many Yukata Kimonos I have purchased from this phenomenal online store. My first choice was this particular Kinchaku pouch for its sheer beauty and that it perfectly matched one of my Yukata Kimonos. However, I was disappointed that it listed as 'Out of Stock'. However, Mr. Mishimi, was of great assistance in locating the exact same one. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. This is a stunning pouch made of the highest quality material and the pattern is so beautiful which defies description. It is something I will treasure for years to come. Thank you Mr. Mishimi in taking the time to locating an item that was listed as 'Out of Stock".

Obi-age / OA #332
Wendy Shapiro
Magnificent Obi-Age

I have made many purchases from this online shop and all have been of the highest quality and are authentic. I was disappointed that the Obi-Age I wanted was 'out of stock' yet this particular one coordinated beautifully with my Yukata Kimono. The silk is of the highest quality and the gold pattern is subtle and beautiful. I could be not be more pleased with this purchase.

Stunning, Yet Simple Obi-Jime

I have made many purchases from this phenomenal online store. Everything I have received is of remarkable quality, is authentic and beautiful. It is a nice aspect to these belts that they are sold in pairs, so that I could make a selection of a pair which perfectly matched my recent acquisitions of two Yukata Kimonos, in addition to a third Yukata Kimono I had purchased over a year ago. I would not consider purchasing any item of women's clothing from another seller. The representative, Mr. Mishimi was exceedingly courteous, of great assistance and replied promptly to all my questions.