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White undergarment - terrific

The product was exactly as advertised. It is well made and just what I was hoping for. It was well packaged. I am really pleased with purchase and the service I received from this shop

Men obi / M-To #321
Francis Tan
On sale

Every item on sale are superior quality. The items arrived nicely packed. Delivery is fast too. I love this obi to wear with my Yukata. I have bought from them many times. You can fully trust this company. You have my words.

Men kimono / M-KM #519
Francis Tan

The material is top quality from Japan. It is truly value for money. I am so glad with my purchase. I strongly recommend this company.


I was looking for a pull size yukata. Very cute and elegant, I love it.

Kimono Jacket x2 / Warehouse sale wf-2set #677
Just beautiful

Both kimono are stunning. I fell in love with the striped one until I saw that the black had subtle purple embroidery. I love both.

Obi-jime 2 pair / OX #594
Alison M

Purchased along with a summer Yukata and obi. All items sent quickly and beautifully packaged. Lovely bright colours and well made.

Woven & Dyed obi belt / HB #664
Alison M
Lovely obi belt

Purchased during the $10 sale and absolutely beautiful. Arrived beautifully packaged with other items bought. Lovely vibrant colour.

Kimono Jacket x2 / Warehouse sale wf-2set #591
As ever - great!

As ever: I got two wonderful Haoris. The delivery was speedy - as ever. Thank you for that perfect way to enjoy the Japanese Kimono tradition!

Men yukata kimono / MM #770
Francis Tan

I received the products in good order. The material is excellent silk quality directly from Japan. I am super happy to wear this at our kimono party

Geta Love!

Beautiful. Comfortable. Perfect--just like the picture, and as described. Shipping was fast and hassle-free! Thank you!!

Men Jacket / M-Ha #1-142
Vojtěch Vilém Winter
Went above my expectations

The haori I ordered is exatly what I was looking for. The condition of it is as stated, with very little signs of wear, and it is still very beautiful. I already use it everyday, even when not wearing a kimono, as the silk warms me up when cold, and cools me down when hot. It was even complimented by my iaido sensei. I will definitely buy from here next time I look for traditional Japanese clothing.

Men hakama : Black
Aaron Townsley
Great hakama

A beautiful and well made garment. Couldn't ask for more, and the price was reasonable.

Japanese summer kimono / PK #606
MaryAnn McIntyre

I absolutely love the kimono! It arrived very quickly. It's beautiful and it's in wonderful condition and a pure joy to wear. Thank you!

Excellent obi belt

very nice thick and sturdy quality in nice weaving, feels very authentic.
An honest seller no doubt.
Arigato gozaimashita

Men yukata kimono / MB #837 /3L
Peter Padoan
Excellent yukata

very nice weaving, fabric and color just as expected.

Jacket, kimono, hakama set / JKH #1-038
Outstanding service

My kimono set came extremely quickly, everything was exactly as described and fits amazing. :) very satisfied with quality of the product

Men Jinbei #17-4
Kiyoto Tanemura

I sent a jinbei as a birthday present to a friend in Colombia who complemented me on mine. I was in the USA and could not buy/send a jinbei myself, so the international shipping offered was very helpful.

Fast Shipping + Quality!

I paid for the express shipping to Hawaii and it arrived in less than 3 days! Packed perfectly. Love the video directions on how to wear.

Kimono Jacket x2 / Warehouse sale wf-2set #638
Marie Suekawa

the picture does not give the product justice. The colors and patterns are far prettier than they appear.

Kimono Jacket x2 / Warehouse sale wf-2set #639
Marie Suekawa

they are beautiful and well worth the price.

Great Experience

My Yukata is beautiful and shipping to the states was extremely fast. I will definitely buy from them again.

At Norwalk Japanese School and Community Center Obon Festival

I enjoyed wearing this pretty yukata I purchased from your website. This picture of me wearing the yukata was taken in Norwalk, California, at the Norwalk Japanese School and Community Center Obon Festival. I received a lot of compliments on it. Thank you very much.

Japanese yukata kimono / 10 #579
Solanges Marcoux
Very good service

Very quick delivery

Beautiful, Comfortable

I ordered a plus-size yukata, because I don’t have the typical body type of my nationality. I wear a larger top and don’t fit in most clothing from overseas.

The yukata I ordered has beautiful colors & a pleasant pattern. It was also a lot larger than I thought it would be; now I’m wondering if a regular kimono/yukata would still fit me. I had a lot of fabric to wrap around me and am glad I was gifted the inner belt to adjust the length.

Right now there’s not a lot of occasions for me to wear a yukata here in the U.S, but I am looking forward to purchasing from this shop again

Comfortable Socks

These socks slip on very easily and they are very comfy to wear.