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Beautiful indoor yukata

Fabric is comfortable, pattern Is beautiful. My friend likes it very much.

Japanese kimono / SK #1-234
Robin Reedy
Beautiful quality *****

This kimono is GORGEOUS! I know it’s hard picking one with a thumbnail photo, believe me I have a couple other ones from gifts that don’t have the quality these do! The colors are exquisite!


Ordered this for my city's Obon festival. Fit me perfectly!

Men kimono / M-KM #825
James Mawhinney
Good product

I am very happy with my purchase. It is as stated almost new.

Japanese summer kimono / PK #525
Beautiful and practical!

I had never worn a summer kimono before I purchased this one. I was always a tad intimidated by the sheer fabric, but I am so glad I decided to give it a try after reading this website’s advertisement for them. It was the perfect solution to the recent heatwave in my area.
The kimono has such a beautiful color and pattern, and I remained very comfortable while walking around a nearby park trail. I will definitely consider adding more to my growing kimono wardrobe.

Japanese kimono / SK #464
A great value

I'm so pleased I was able to find such a high quality and almost new kimono for such a low price (!) As long as you check the item description beforehand (measurements) you can find the right size one for yourself. The condition grading scale is very trustworthy -- I've never been disappointed with any of the items I have ordered. I put together this coord with some of my own items I have at home. Looking forward to wearing it soon!

Beautiful kimono

A review for PK #254. (They seem to have it still in stock as of the writing of this review!) Put together a coord with some of my own items and looking forward to wearing it in the winter and next Spring! This website is a great resource for kimono lovers. Just be sure to check the item description for the measurements before you purchase! (Especially non-adjustable lengths like the shoulder + sleeve length!)

Men kimono / M-KM #763
Marek Parchanski
Great shopping

Very nice fabric pattern. Nice condition. Fast order processing and delivery.

Men Jacket / M-Ha #1-072
Marek Parchanski
Great shopping

Very nice light material. It fits perfectly. Fast order processing and delivery.

One Happy Ronin

Yuzo and company provided excellent customer service and made it easy to order top quality kimono, haori, hakama, tabi and undergarments straight from Japan! From their swift email replies and communication, to their attention to detail, they really have created the perfect experience for me as a new customer.
I highly recommend ordering from Kimono Yukata Market. I’m already looking forward to purchasing from them again in the future.
Arigato Gozaimasu!

Japanese kimono / TK #1213
Timely, Quality

Kimono and other accessories ordered came in condition exactly as described (great), with faster than expected delivery.

Men Jacket / M-Ha #992
Zoltan Nemeth

The haori arrived quickly. Special his substance, i love it! Thank you!

A joy to receive

I've never been so thrilled receiving clothing from anywhere as I am from Kimono Yukata Market. Every piece is an artwork, yet eminintly wearable. I know I can trust this store every time and buying from the other side of the planet, that trust makes a huge difference in my confidence. I happily recommend this store

Oh Gosh!

All the kimono I've purchased from Kimono Yukata Market are in such wonderful condition, that I find it hard to accept they're pre-owned. This one is sensational!!! They're clean, pressed, and packaged very well. Shipping is very quick. The kimono are thrilling. I wish I'd bought from this store sooner

Obijime - as new

I thought these were supposed to be pre-owned, but I can't see a single flaw. They're in beautiful condition, and will look wonderful on all my new kimono. Superb service

Super quality & service

I bought a pair of kimono from the Warehouse Sale section and am more than pleasantly surprised. The quality and the colour of both kimono is exceptional. Not only a great relief, but a wonderful surprise

Wonderful condition

I find it hard to believe this obi is a used item. It's in impeccable condition. So lovely too. I can't wait to start wearing my kimono with this sensational obi. Many many thanks for not only the great service, I also very much appreciate the 'small gift'. Arigato Gozaimashita

Thrilled to bits

It's been better than Christmas receiving all my parcels from Mr Mishima and the team. I am genuinely thrilled to bits. I have no hesitation recommending this store. The service is exceptional, as is the quality of the stock

Japanese kimono / SK #1-418

What a fabulour kimono! The colour is so rich and it's in impeccable condition. Absolutely thrilled

Japanese summer kimono / SK #1-606
Clean, Quick and very beautiful

The kimono are always so well presented and nice and clean, pressed, and well packed. I'm super happy with every aspect of the transaction, especially the kimono. Highly recommeded store

Obi-jime 2 pair / OX #702
Vibrant colours

The obijime came very well packed and super quick. The quality is sensational and the colours even more vibrant in real life. I'm very very happy with my purchases.

Traditional obi belt / TO #781

I'm so thrilled with my new Obi. The quality and the condition of the obi is far better than I had expected and somehow better than the photos. Wonderful service and expertly selected stock. I am very very happy with my purchases

Long-sleeved kimono 6 items set / Furisode / FK#1-728
Makenna Rooyakkers

I really am in love with this kimono! I am travelling to Japan next year and wanted to bring one and will be buying one there, but this one is very nice quality, the instructions provided online for how to where were also extremely helpful.


Wonderful service, quick shipping, as promised.

Women kimono jacket / W-Ha #1-436

Great product and quality .. I love it so much and super fast shipping as well. I got a lot compliments from people who saw it.. Thank you very much