Enjoy cherry blossom viewing in your kimono


Japanese umbrella

Japanese umbrella

Road along the river

Reflected on the water

Historic shrine


Japanese castle

See more cherry blossoms in Japan. I can't find any words that express it too much.

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Let's enjoy the cherry blossom viewing in kimono. I'm sure we that you will have a wonderful experience.

Customer reviews

  • Hello, I bought a yukata to wear at my local sakura matsuri here in nyc, usa. I loved it! The print and colors of the yukata are beautiful. I also loved my geta and obi set =^.^= I was so happy to wear yukata! Thank you so much
  • We wore it when we went to our local Sakura Matsuri here in New York (Brooklyn Botanical Garden) last April 30. A lot of people took photos of us and with us, adoring how beautiful our yakatas were! We both loved it!
  • I did wear the Yukata I got from Yukata Kimono Market Sakura, when I went Cherry Blossom viewing in Washington D.C. I took a lot of pictures and all the people saw my pic said the Yukata is beautiful!
  • Everyone who saw it complimented me and asked where I got it from. I directed them all to you.
  • At the Sakura-Festival in Hamburg, Germany. It was a great evening and lots of fun. Thank you for this wonderful Kimono! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

What is cherry blossom viewing (Ohanami) ?

In Japan, cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan from the end of March to April (for about 2 weeks). It's really beautiful and we Japanese have a culture of enjoying cherry blossoms wearing kimonos.
Let's enjoy cherry-blossom viewing with kimono

Do you have the following questions when you go to Hanami?

  • Where can I view cherry blossoms?
  • what should I wear for cherry-blossom viewing ?
  • I am not sure if this Kimono is the right one to wear?  

Please do not worry. I will answer these questions.

How to find cherry blossoms

Place a search on the Internet with "Name of your country" + "cherry blossom"


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Use or wear pink, white or cherry blossom patterned items. For example, in your kimono, yukata, obi belt, sandals, pouch or bag. By doing so, you will match the blossoms around you.


Take measures against the cold by wearing undergarments, tabi socks, a haori jacket (only with a kimono), and a Japanese patterned or pink muffler.


A yukata is fine to wear for cherry blossom viewing, but a kimono is warmer because it is lined and made of silk.


Place your personal items like keys and money in a kimono bag or kinchaku pouch. A regular handbag will clash with a traditional kimono or yukata.

Get your items

Which kimono items should you prepare for cherry blossom viewing? There are items you are looking for on our site.

Cold protection items

Tabi socks : Women Men

Undergarment : Women Men

Haori Jacket : Women Men

Recommended items for cherry-blossom viewing

Kimono bag : Women

Kinchaku pouch : Women Men

Pink or pale kimono : Women

Pink or pale yukata : Women

Best kimono combination for cherry blossom viewing.

Kimono and obi belt set : Women

Furisode kimono and obi set : Women

Thank you very much loving kimono !