Tips for giving a kimono as a gift

What is a kimono gift that the recipient is pleased with?

Why don't you give a kimono as a gift? In Japan, there is a culture of sending kimono with gratitude to loved ones. Kimono is not just clothes. It is also a symbol for wishing the happiness of the other party. Would you like to give a kimono to someone special?

Wear kimono or Display kimono ?

Kimono is not just about wearing and having fun. Actually, many people enjoy displaying their kimono. In fact, I also enjoy wearing kimono. And I enjoy displaying kimono in my room. If you think the recipient of your gift will not wear a kimono, try sending a kimono or obi for displaying . The recipient is really pleased. I also presented a kimono as an ornamental gift to many overseas friends.

Wear kimono

Wearing a kimono, participate in Japanese events, tea ceremony, summer festivals, and cosplay. You can have a wonderful experience of walking, shopping, and wearing a kimono with your friends. If It is first time to wear a kimono, gift a combination of kimonos. Contains the accessories needed to wear a kimono.

They enjoy wearing kimono. Read the voice of our customers.

Display kimono

Kimono is said to be a work of art to wear. Many kimono lovers enjoy kimono and obi as room decorations. Give a kimono or obi to the viewer. Furisode kimono is especially pleasing because of its bold design. I also sent it to many overseas friends. Everyone is very happy to decorate the room.

See an example of how to decorate a room with a kimono.

How much your cost ?

You can choose the type of kimono according to your budget. We promise that the kimono dyed and woven with the best traditional techniques will be the best gift. There are also relatively reasonable kimonos around $ 50. Please choose according to your budget.

Wear kimono

◆Budget USD $ 399.99 ~ 199.99 (Average price US $ 249)


Genuine, art, history, high quality. A combination of kimono, obi, and accessories (obi-tightening, obi-age, waist strap, socks) selected by professionals. You can enjoy dyeing and weaving kimono with the best craftsmanship. I definitely recommend it if it fits your budget

Women kimono 6 items set


The highest peak of kimono for men. Genuine, art, history, high quality. You can enjoy dyeing and weaving kimono with the best craftsmanship. If it fits your budget, I definitely recommend it.

Men Kimono & Jacket, Hakama set

Men Kimono & Jacket + obi belt & Geta sandas set

◆Budget US $ 199.99 ~ 89.99 (average price US $ 129)

Yukata is more casual than kimono and is suitable for spring, summer and autumn. Also, it can be used as a room wear. I also wear it at summer festivals and casual events. It is popular with young people.


Women Yukata + Obi & Geta sandals set


Men Yukata + Obi & Geta sandals set

◆Budget US $ 89.99 ~ 39.99 (average price US $ 59)


Best Kimono Set For Gifts

Indoor yukata

Kimono Jacket


Men Jinbei

Indoor yukata

Kimono Jacket

Kimono Undergarment

Dispay a kimono

We will guide you to the kimono recommended by our staff for the exhibition. Please choose the type of kimono according to your budget.

Long sleeved kimono

◆Budget US $ 699.99 ~ 69.99 (average price US $ 199)

Traditional kimono

◆Budget US $ 499.99 ~ 39.99 (average price US $ 99)

Women obi belt

◆Budget US $ 199.99 ~ 39.99 (average price US $ 59)

Men Kimono Jacket

◆Budget US $ 149.99 ~ 39.99 (average price US $ 59)

Men Kimono Undergarment

◆Budget US $ 129.99 ~ 39.99 (average price US $ 59)