Girls yukata and obi belt set / GY #71 (11-12)

$59.99 USD
It is very lightweight, cool, and comfortable. You can wear it to a casual party, events in the spring and the summer or indoor events in all seasons.
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton 100%
・Technique : Dyed
・Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
・Fittings : Inner belt (Koshi-himo)
Obi belt
You can choose flat obi belt or Obi with pre-tied bow.
・Condition : Brand new
・ Type : Flat obi or Obi with pre-tied bow
・ Materials : Polyester
*Note : Geta sandals and Tabi socks etc are not included.
You can adjust the length of the yukata with a inner belt.
Yukata inch cm
56 142
24 61
49.5 125
24 62
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
Flat obi belt
Length 12 feet 4 inches / 3m 70cm
Width 7 inches / 17.5cm
Pre-tied obi belt
Belt length 58 inches / 1m 47cm
Belt width 7 inches / 17.5cm
Pre-tied bow width 15 inches / 38cm
Weight : 700g

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lorena Magallanes
Love the material

I've ordered this yukata the first week of October. When I receive the order confirmation it said it will be shipped on October 28th. I received my order on October 20th, I was surprised on how fast I received my order. The frantic is fresh and the print is beautiful, my 11 year old daughter loves her yukata.

Ellie Grover
Absolutely perfect!!

I purchased this yukata for my little sister. I wanted to share a piece of Japanese culture which my grandma was able to share with me. The fabric is perfect for the warm weather we're having and the colors are beautifully bright. I couldn't recommend this store enough! I will definitely be ordering more items for myself, family, and friends (:

Joel C
Great product

My daughter wore it to a Tanabata festival here in San Diego, California and everyone loved it. The size was perfect as she will wear it for atleast another year then will hand it off to her little sister.

Tessa Harn
Girls yukata

I bought my daughter a yukata and she absolutely loves it. She was so happy with it she wanted to wear it for her teacher and classmates, and they all thought it was beautiful too.

Kristi Martens
Beautiful fabric

This is a lovely kimono and sash for a young girl. The fabric is just gorgeous.

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