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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Very nice kimono, impressive quality

The order arrived on time, and all the items I ordered (kimono + jacket, hakama, obi set) seem to be of great quality. The kimono is very comfortable to wear, and I almost couldn't tell that it's second-hand. I feel I might become a regular customer. Keep up the good work!

Laurent Pelletier
Beautiful quality, great service.

The items are really nice looking. These are my first kimonos, so I did not really know how to order them. I went by sleeve length. I am thinking that some might actually be a bit big for me, but I love them all. I got a Yukata jacket combo and 7 other jackets. My kids want to steal some from me, so it will part of their Christmas gifts. The quality is superb. If I did not know they were used I could not have told. They look brand new to me. I wish the site had more advice on choosing your perfect size. I have received a lot of compliment already. I wear my jackets in public everywhere. (I live in Texas). I am wearing my Yukata as my go to evening relax outfit in the house. It took 24 hours for my garments to travel from Tokyo to Cincinnati, and...., over 4 days to go from Cincinnati to Dallas. Go figure. I guess it is the difference between Japanese worker and service compared to American workers and service. I highly recommend those people. They have a top quality product at a very decent price. Thanks again. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Mark Nernberg
Excellent quality, just beautiful

Can't even tell it's a used piece. Fits perfectly, looks absolutely great!

Annice Hutton
2nd kimono set we ordered, also very nice!

I ordered 2 kimono sets from you. One for son and one for grandson. They are both beautiful!! They fit them nicely and are very well made with nice material! They arrived on time (before Christmas) and were packaged very well. You can't go wrong with this company. Would use it again!!! Thank you!!

Cory DeSpain
Amazing.. no other words

This was beyond a beautiful Kimono! The deliver was quick(I did use express) and everything was packaged well. The material was incredibly well assembled and you can tell this will last! The only thing I wish was if you pick a kimono it gave you recommendations of colors to match with it. Also, I didn't see any summer time styles for men (the traditional being a heavier material not wearable in a hot humid climate in summer) otherwise I would have bought more. You simply can’t go wrong with this company. Only thing I did not like was the white under piece. It’s very stiff and not comfortable on the skin. Other than that, thank you!!

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