Men hakama : Indigo

$69.99 USD
Hakama pants are skirt-like pants. They are worn over traditional kimonos. They are suitable to wear when practicing Aikido or other Budo. If you wear them with a kimono, you'll look like a cool samurai.
・Materials : synthetic
・Technique : Weave
・Type / Umanori (Fork)
・Brand new
Keep in airy place or in your closet with dehumidifiers.
Fit a person whose
Small size
Height : Less than 5'5" / 165cm
inch cm
Length 34 87

Medium size
Height : 5'5 - 5'8" / 165cm - 172cm
inch cm
Length 36 91

Large size
Height : 5'8 - 6'0" / 172cm - 182cm
inch cm
Length 37.5 95

Extra large size
Height : Over 6'0" / 182cm
Length 39 99
Weight : 800g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Extremely high quality

Aaron Townsley
Great hakama

A beautiful and well made garment. Couldn't ask for more, and the price was reasonable.


Very nice hakama, comfortable to wear! I wish there were similar brand-new hakamas available in cotton, linen, or another natural fiber, but a hakama made of synthetic fibers still feels nice and is relatively easy to wash and dry. So overall still a very good and reasonably priced product.

Catherine Bormann
Good quality!

I was a little nervous about the fit, but overall I'm satisfied. Having never bought Hakama before I wasn't sure how well they would work. I was worried they might not sit right. I contacted the company to ask and they were very responsive.

I'm female, 5'7", 285lbs and with a hip measurement of 57 in. I bought a medium and the length was perfect. The top front is a bit narrower than I would like, but that's purely aesthetic issue and they still fit and are very comfortable to move in. That's also something that could be adjusted by redistributing some of the folds. The fabric is a nice weight and they're priced well

James Flores
Mens hakama

Love the material and the fit

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