Men Jacket / M-Ha #756

$67.99 USD
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This item is from a kimono auction where only a limited number of professional kimono buyers can participate. It is a one of a kind.
A kimono jacket or 'haori' in Japanese is a jacket worn over the kimono to protect your kimono from dust and can also help to keep you warm. It is worn as a jacket for more formal occasions and don't have to be taken off when indoors.
Kimono jacket
・Type : Haori
・Materials : silk
・Technique : Weave
・Made in Japan
Condition AA
Use only a few times so far. We can see little signs of wear. There are very little stains on it but they are unnoticeable. No problem to wear it.
Top grade
All techniques (weaving, dyeing, embroidery) are great. The patterns and fabrics are both wonderful. In addition, it is kimono which we selected in our shop standard. Reference price (Brand new): over 3000US$
Keep in airy place or in your closet with dehumidifiers.
You can adjust the length of the kimono with a inner belt.
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Kimono jacket inch cm
36.6 93
26.8 68
44.9 114
18.9 48
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
Weight : 534 g

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This products is only a kimono.
You need a obi belt and geta sandals to wear a kimono.
"Obi belt and geta sandals set"
is cheaper than buying everything separately.

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Customer Reviews

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Vojtěch Vilém Winter
Went above my expectations

The haori I ordered is exatly what I was looking for. The condition of it is as stated, with very little signs of wear, and it is still very beautiful. I already use it everyday, even when not wearing a kimono, as the silk warms me up when cold, and cools me down when hot. It was even complimented by my iaido sensei. I will definitely buy from here next time I look for traditional Japanese clothing.

Michlas Brosé
Amazing when it fits.

I'm so happy that I found a haori that fits me. Normally the ones I finde are to short in the sleewes. This one is perfect 😉
Also the hakamas fits and can be paired with most of my kimono.
My collection is growing- and I'm happy.

Bengt Löfberg
A beautiful piece of clothing

Hi What made me pick this haori out of all the others was the beautiful depiction of the sparrows inside. Since I love birds it was an easy choice, as soon as my eyes fell on it. I am currently using it as a sort of indoor coat, but I will for sure use it outside too, as soon as the weather gets warmer. It is a truly beautiful piece of clothing and I am most happy with it. Currently waiting for a haorihimo, which I forgot to order ...

Jason Varley
Excellent Garment

The haori I've ordered arrived in a very decent condition with very careful packaging. It was very clean and had been well maintained.
It fits well and is quite comfortable to wear out. I wear it to my design office and many people think it is a very interesting item of clothing and I receive many compliments from my co-workers.

Christine Nakatani
Amazing experience

I am so grateful to have found this amazing website, I am half Japanese and half Australian living in the U.S., my family lost a lot of their kimonos to time and I was always saddened that my sibling and I never had a chance to see them for ourselves, but this website has granted us the chance to have our own to keep and cherish, and that is the greatest gift I have ever gotten. They’re amazing! Thank you so much!

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