Men yukata kimono / ML #856

$69.99 USD
It is very lightweight, cool, and comfortable. You can wear it to a casual party, events in the spring and the summer or indoor events in all seasons.
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton 85%、Hemp15%
・Technique : Dyed
・Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
・Note : obi belt and geta sandals etc are not included.
You can adjust the length of the yukata with a inner belt.
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Fit a person whose
Large size
Hight : 5'9" - 5'11" / 176cm - 181cm
Waist : Less than 49" / 123 cm
inch cm
Length 56.5 144
Center to sleeve 28.5 73
Around waist 61.5 156
Sleeve length 20 50
Weight : 425g

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This products is only a yukata.
You need a obi belt and geta sandals to wear a yukata.
"Obi belt and geta sandals set"
is cheaper than buying everything separately.

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Customer Reviews

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rimma shifrin
Great Yukata, good delivery but no large sizes.

I use 46" waste garments, but the largest Yukata Kimo I have ordered was too small for me and I had to give it as gifts to some other people.
It would be great if the company would offer sizes comparable with larger size people.
I have bought Yukata from a different suppliers that were a perfect size for me.
Other than the largest size available the product looks great and is made very nice. Good quality of production, nice fabric and good quality just as specified but too small for people with 40"+ waste size. If you know where I can buy larger yukata kimono, please advice and I do not mind paying more for a larger size, as I have been using yukatas since I have visited Japan about 5 years ago. I probably need yukata that are made for Sumo resellers.
Best Regards.

charles c isleib

Awesome garment, and brilliant customer service. My order came within quick days of submission, and was better than advertised. Quality stitching, gorgeous cotton fabric & print. I am a very tall size, which is not easy to fulfill with Japan-based clothing products, but this beautiful yukata fits with perfect length, and looks great.

Logan Carter
Good Yukata

I was Very happy to receive a good quality Yukata when the product arrived. It was packed neatly and even came with a small gift. I wore it to the Library while I read. I definitely recommend this Yukata Sakura Market for these needs. The Yukata and Geta set was exceptional!

Charles W. Booth III

This Yukata is amazing. It feels fantastic to wear, very roomy and breathable. I was a little concerned at first with how big it surprisingly was for 'medium', but after a little research after my first wearing, I found it's supposed to be like that and that I am encouraged to make small adjustments as I put it on.

I am definitely going to need a second person to help with that, lol.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!

Leeanne Pilkington

I gave this as a gift my son loves it. Thank you so much.

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