Obi belt and geta sandals set : Pattern / Light purple

$49.99 USD
18% off $60.97 USD
Includes all the accessories you need to wear your kimono or yukata, and is cheaper than purchasing each item individually. We'll choose the pattern of obi belt and geta sandal that goes with your yukata kimono.
Note : Yukata or Kimono is not included in this set.
3 items minimum set
Regular price $60.97 (Discount $10.98)$49.99
・Obi belt / US$29.99
・Inner belt / US$3.99
・Geta sandals / US$26.99
6 items regular set
Regular price $138.94 (Discount $38.95)$99.99
・3 items set / $60.97
・Undergarment / $49.99
・Tabi socks / $12.99
・Kinchaku pouch / $14.99
9 items fashionable set
Regular price $193.91 (Discount $43.92)$149.99
・5 items set / $138.94
・Obi jime / $19.99
・Obi age / $24.99
・Folding fan / $9.99
Obi belt *
・Condition : Brand new
・Type : Flat and patterned
・Materials : Polyester
Inner belt
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton
Geta sandals *
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Paulownia
Other items
・Undergarment : Brand new
・Tabi socks : Brand new
・Kinchaku pouch : Brand new *
・Obi jime : Used *
・Obi age : Used *
・Folding fan : Brand new *
*Note : We'll choose the pattern of items that suits your kimono or yukata and obi belt.

Sizing : Obi belt

Length Width
Flat obi 12.13 ft 3 m 70 cm 7 inches 17.5 cm

Sizing : Geta sandals

Medium 5.5-7.5 4-6 36-40 24
Large 7.5-8.5 6-8 40-43 25.5
Plus size 9-10.5 8-9.5 44-47 27

Geta sandals have a slightly tighter fit compared to normal sandals, so please read the 'Measuring Tips' page to choose the correct size.

Total weight
3 items set 550 g / 5 items set 1000 g / 8 items set 1200 g

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

3 items minimum set
6 items useful set

9 items fashionable set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Dana Barton-Byrd
Kimono Set

I bought this for my daughter for 2 reasons: Halloween and she loves anime. The set I purchased is absolutely beautiful! The craftmanship of the way it is made is exquisite and worth the money I spent on it. I received updates so I knew exactly when the kimono set would arrive. Plus, it came very quickly and was packaged with care. I can tell the company really believes in their product and customers. I highly recommend them!

Maryrose Wolfe
Great beginner dressing set

This set is great for anyone who wants to dip toe into the world of kimono! The sandals are comfortable if a little big for me but I have small feet. Everything is such good quality and when you have it all on it feels comfortable and empowering. It all fit very well because I am a small person. The obi belt is beautiful and light so it’s easy to tie and learn musubi for when you get a real silk obi. It should come with the clippy straps and the little pillow but that’s small.

Wren Tachibana
Overall Excellent

I ordered the 6 piece Pre-tied obi set in yellow, in July of 2021.

Yhe size is "free size" (aka one size fits most) and fits up to a 43" or so waist. But I'm right on the 43" line, and find that it runs just a hair small. This is fine, since it's mostly underclothes, and there are tricks to tying an obi that runs small, but I would keep it in mind for any yukata or kimono purchases. Also, when the site says "up to X size" they REALLY mean it. So, if you're even a little past the measurements listed, i would recommend a bigger size (esp for shoes and kimono). The important thing about kimono is that it accommodates your own height and size. It should feel comfortable to wear, and make you feel happy to wear it. Don't stress if you need a taller size or a plus size.

The processing was extremely fast. I sent a question to the site operators, and the stylist Mishima Yuzo helped me right away (withib 12 hours, i think). I ordered the super-fast shipping, and it actually arrived 2 or 3 days earlier than projected.

Good quality, but if you're between 7.5~8 (US), you might prefer the bigger size. There is some hard plastic on the bottoms, which makes it a little more slick than the wood, but undoubtedly prevents the wooden part (dai) from getting mouldy. There is also a small staple keeping the tie closed on the bottom. So if yoh love your shoe straps (hanao) but the dai gets too damaged, you can keep the straps and replace the wooden part later : )

■Tabi socks:
They're great. Standard white, which goes with everything. They have small rubber grips on the soles for non-slip walking in your geta.

■Kinchaku Drawstring bag:
Beautiful. It's not really my style (i might not pair it with my watermelon yukata) but the bag itself is lovely and feminine. I guess i have to order another kimono to pair with it! I love the arrow fletching and flower pattern. It was packaged beautifully, and has wooden beads on the cord.

I was actually quite surprised at the quality of the under-kimono (juban). It's a split-style undergarment (han-juban top and sosu-yoke bottom i think), so you have the cross collar on the top, but the bottom is a skirt. The najajuban is made from a polyester/cotton mix, so it's a bit stiff out of the bag (which is fine). The collar (eri) is a really beautiful brocade-style fabric with flowers and geometric shapes woven in. The rest of the juban is plain, a bit sheer, white cotton/polyester blend. However, the set does not come with a collar-insert (eri-shin), so if you want to achieve the stiff nape-slope that is emblematic of kimono, you'll need to either heavily starch the collar after washing, buy an eri-shin separately, or fabricate a collar-insert out of plastic/thin cardboard.

The obi and detachable bow are also really good quality. The yellow one I ordered matches colour perfectly with the stock photos. The detachable bow is on a metal wire frame, which helps the bow keep a perfect shape and makes it feel very sturdy. However, the package no longer comes with printed tutorials on how to tie it, so you'll have to check here on the website or YouTube for a tutorial.

The packaging and quality for price was wonderful. It even came with a sample of green tea, which was so kind. Definitely read the product descriptions carefully, and you won't be disappointed.

Beautifully Done

Items came exactly as pictured and purchased. The packaging job was safe and secure for an international order and all items came as promised. The geta are sturdy and the obi is made of a solid, stiff fabric meant for tying. I ordered the six-piece set, meaning it also came with the pouch, undergarments, and tabi socks. All good quality and the pouch was especially beautiful.

Thank you Kimono Market Sakura! I will definitely be a repeat customer!! :)

Evelyn Majewski

Beautiful obi with nice embroidered pattern which matches very good with my yukata I bought. The color red is very intensive and shiny. Geta have a nice pattern too and it fits good to my feet. Pouch is also beautiful and perfekt matching to the yukata of my choice. I like the tabi much because they are very thin fabric and comfortable with the geta. I really recommend this Set! どもありがとうございます!

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