Yukata for indoor use / Dragon :YA241

$56.99 USD
It is very lightweight, cool, and comfortable. You can wear it indoor. For sleepwear, hot spring (onsen), gown, relax
Yukata for indoor use
・Condition : Brand new
・Materials : Cotton 100%
・Technique : Dyed
・Feel : soft
・Fittings : Sash belt which is same fabric with yukata
・Care : Machine wash with a laundry net. Not tumble dry
Medium size(58)
Height / 5'5" - 5'9" / 165 cm - 175 cm
Waist / Less than 46.5 inches / 117.5 cm
inch cm
58.5 148.5
28.5 72.5
62 157.5
18.5 47
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
Large size(61)
Height / 5'9" - 6'1" / 175 cm - 185 cm
Waist / Less than 47 inches / 119 cm
inch cm
60.5 153.5
28.5 72.5
62.5 159
18.5 47
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
X Large size(64)
Height / over 6'1" / over 185 cm
Waist / Less than 56.5 inches / 143 cm
inch cm
64 162.5
30.5 77.5
72 183
19 48
Center to sleeve
Around waist
Sleeve length
Weight : 450g

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You need these accessories to wear a kimono.
We recommend buying together.
Undergarment Han-eri Obi-age
Obi-jime Obi belt Bag or Pouch
Geta sandals Zori sandals Tabi socks

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Customer Reviews

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Wane D
Very Happy with my Yukata

I've spent allot of time in Japan over the last 30 years (mainly on business), but was always frustrated that I could never seem to get a Yukata that would fit an American man that is 5' 11 to 6' (depending on who measures) off the shelf -- at least not one with high quality. It's not just the height, but the larger shoulders and other measurements that just didn't work for an American man. I was very happy that this is no longer the case, as I received my indoor Yukata today, and it fits perfectly. I simply followed the measurement instructions, and ordered. The Yukata is beautiful, high quality, and I'm very happy with it. My wife is also very impressed, and was looking at the women's Yukata patterns. I wanted a Yukata for indoor summer use as lounge wear, and this one really fits the requirement. Shipping was pretty quick for a delivery to Denver, CO from Japan -- It arrived 4 days early. Thank you for making this available beyond Japan. This will not be my last order, as I'm sure that I will want another one at some point for Winter.

Michael Kammerdiener
Nice light-weight yukata

This yukata uses a lighter fabric than the other one that I have, but it will be perfect for summer. I’m very pleased with it. Sizing was just as recommended on the website. My order was processed and shipped quickly. Recommended. I panicked at first when I couldn’t find the belt, but it is shipped inside the hem of the sleeve.

Ross MacGregor
Beautiful and swift postage

Indoor Yukata Kimono. Thank you so much! I've always wanted to wear/own a Kimono. This is my first ever, but certainly not my last! Thank you so much! Beautiful, perfect garment, fits perfectly and feels great. Also got a present in the form of some tea, within the package, so thankyou very much for that. I look forward to buying more from you in the future!

Massimiliano Albani
Indoor yukatas

I bought an indoor yukata for myself and my wife.
They fit perfectly and the quality is more than expected. Highly recommended

John Petrush
Koi indoor yukata

I bought an indoor yukata for my brother and decided I had to have one for myself. I chose the koi design. These indoor yukatas, with their same-fabric belts and light weight, are perfect if you don't want to deal with an obi and simply want a long, gorgeous robe to wear around your house.

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