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Men's Hakama Pants

Hakama pants are skirt-like pants. They are worn over yukata kimonos or traditional kimonos. They are suitable to wear when practicing Aikido or other Budo. If you wear them with a yukata kimono or traditional kimono, you'll look like a cool samurai!
We have 2 types of hakama pants: Andon Hakama and Umanori Hakama. The Andon hakama is similar to a wide skirt and the Umanori hakama is similar to wide trousers.

Hakama Pants : Brand New

Brand new hakama pants. They fit a person whose height is 5'3" - 6'/160cm - 185cm.


  • - Standard color/designs in stock: black, dark blue, and striped.
  • - You can choose from 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Hakama Pants : Traditional

Traditional hakama pants. We buy all of our items from kimono auctions where only a limited number of professional kimono buyers can participate.


  • - High quality and valuable.
  • - Each item is a one of a kind. Please get your favorite before it sells out.
  • * Detailed condition of each item is on the product page.