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Women's Geta Sandals

In Japan, people wear geta sandals or zori sandals when they wear yukata kimonos or Japanese kimonos.

Geta sandals are made from wood with rubber soles and the sandal thongs are made from remnants of kimono fabric. Zori sandals are more formal than geta sandals. They are worn with traditional kimonos.
Both sandals have a tighter fit compared to normal sandals, so please read the page "Measuring Tips" to choose the correct size.

Geta Sandals:Medium

US 5-7.5
UK 4-6
EU 36-40
cm / inch 24 cm / 9.4"

Geta Sandals:Large

US 7.5-8.5
UK 6-8
EU 40-43
cm / inch 25.5cm / 10"

Geta Sandals:XLarge(Wide Type)

US 8.5-9
UK 7-8
EU 42-44
cm / inch 26 cm / 10.2"

Geta Sandals : Plus (Wide Type)

US 9-10.5
UK 8-9.5
EU 44-47
cm / inch 27 cm / 10.6"

Pokkuri Geta Sandals
*One Size Only

US 5-7.5
UK 4-6
EU 36-40
cm / inch 24 cm / 9.4"

Zori Sandals

The size and the condition of the zori sandals vary among products since we buy them at auctions. Please check the details on the product page.