Thank you for participating in the contest.

I am very happy that Japanese kimonos are enjoyed around the world.

Not only for traditional dressers,
Cosplay style,
A unique arrangement,
People who enjoy the kimono world with their family, friends and lovers…

Photos of kimonos arranged according to your imagination and sense are posted one after another!

One of my wishes is to introduce traditional Japanese kimono to the world. And everyone who loves kimono enjoys free thinking without being bound by tradition.
By sharing with each other, the appeal of kimono is spreading throughout the world.

The photos from everyone who entered this contest are wonderful and we thank you very much for sharing the charm of the kimono with you.

I hope this contest will be one of the triggers and more people will enjoy kimono.

Kimono contest 2021-22 
This contest is the world's largest kimono photo contest for kimono fans to participate and enjoy! Kimono fans from all over the world shared their kimono photos. Winners will be chosen by public vote online. Everyone Let vote by"Click Like"now! Voting period of the contest From November 1, 2021 to April 31, 2022

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Our kimono specialists chose excellent kimono photos. The points are beauty, fun, and excitement that can be conveyed from the photographs.