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Target customers

・ Persons who ordered from late March to April
・ Person who does not receive "Resend Information" email from us (because of COVID-19)

-Incorrect registration email address,
-Our email has gone into a spam box.

Currently I have a contract with DHL. We will reship your package with DHL.
To do this, we need your shipping phone number.
Please email us

-Your shipping phone number
-Your name
-order number

We apologize for the late delivery of your item.

contact us

Below is the content of the email

Important : Please tell us your phone number.
This is Yuzo form kimono yukata market sakura. This time, We apologize for the late delivery of your item.

Japan Post international mail has stop or delay under the influence of COVID-19.
We will claim ”the return of packages” to Japan Post service.

As soon as your item is returned, we will ship it Express by DHL.
To ship by DHL, the phone number of the shipping address is required.

We will bear all expenses such as DHL's express delivery and the cost of claiming ”the return of packages”.

When we ship your items, I will email your tracking number of DHL.
Please reply your shipping phone number.

Also, since we are guiding so many customers, we apologize for the delay in reply and omission of reply.


Yuzo Mishima