Kimono Yukata Contest 2020

Important Notices. To applicants before November 20th. The mail has not arrived due to a mail problem. Please apply again.

This photo contest is for everyone to participate and enjoy.

Total prize money $ 500- and 10% discount coupon for all participants

Send us a picture of yourself in kimono or yukata, and complete the submission form. Winners will be chosen by public vote online. Everyone is welcome to enter, and to vote!

The top 5 players will receive one dollar for one vote.

If 100 people vote for your photo, you get $ 100. and if 250 people vote for your photo, you get $250. For the top 5 players will receive the following maximum amount. All players below 6th place will receive a 10% discount coupon code.

  • No. 1 : up to $ 250
  • No. 2 : up to $ 120
  • No. 3 : up to $ 70
  • No. 4 : up to $ 40
  • No. 5 : up to $ 20
  • Under No. 6 : $ 0

A huge photo contest for kimono and yukata fans around the world The Kimono Yukata Contest is back this year after successful previous rounds in. Each time, the competition garners interest and entrants from across the globe, resulting in sensational events. The contest is the perfect opportunity to show the world how great you look in a yukata or kimono! All photos submitted can be viewed and voted for online by fans around the world.

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Application period of the contest.

From November 1st, 2019 to February 30th, 2020.

Vote period of the contest

From March 1st, 2020 to October 31st, 2020

- Submission requirements : Photo must feature someone wearing a kimono or yukata bought at "Kimono, Yukata Market Sakura".

- Submission photo : One photo per entrant. Past winning photos cannot be re-submitted.

- How to submit : Please fill out this form to make a submission. If you are having difficulty submitting the form.

- Selection method : Users will vote to decide the winner via a separate voting page.

- Voting requirements : Anyone can vote. Your friends and family are also free to vote.

- Prize : The prize will be paid via PayPal.

- Note : Your photo submissions may appear on our company’s website or on SNS.

- Note : This competition is operated by Kimono Yukata Market Sakura. It has nothing to do with Instagram or Facebook.

Past participants

Kimono Yukata Contest

This is a fun contest, thank you for hosting it! I would love to win and buy another kimono from your wonderful website! :) Comment: Photo of me taken by a dear friend at the vintage subway museum in New York City Manhattan :) Best regards,

Kimono Yukata Contest

You have to try wearing a yukata once in your life! Wearing yukata is so much fun to do! I like to wear it on my birthday or at a festival in USA. Its very easy to wear and clean! Comfortable cotton fabric!

Kimono Yukata Contest

Kimono is a very comfortable type of clothing. There are several combinations (with or without hakama, for example) you can use it depending on the weather and occasion. It is impossible to wear a kimono and not feel special, elegant. The fabric is so high-quality, it is so full of details, that is hard to choose if you want to wear it or just spread it on your bed and admire it. I loved my kimono and I am sure you will love to wear a kimono too! And do not worry: it is not that difficult to wear (see videos available in the Kimono Yukata Market Sakura website). You will get the hang of it in no time!

Kimono Yukata Contest

This is a photo of my kids celebrating their school"s International Night. They are one quarter Japanese and wanted to learn more about Japan and where their grandpa and great grandparents came from!

Kimono Yukata Contest

For my wedding, I was looking for attire fit for a wedding, but also fun and original. I decided to wear a yukata, instead of a traditional wedding dress. The yukata was the perfect choice for me and also reflected my Japanese heritage. In this picture, I am moments away from heading down the aisle to join my soon to be husband!

Kimono Yukata Contest

Before putting on a kimono or yukata I would recommend watching a video about how to wrap it. The Sakura Market also provides a good video for it. Because folding it left over right or right over left has a different meaning in Japan! But if you are interested, then please try out wearing one, it feels very special and is a lot of fun

Kimono Yukata Contest

It is not so difficult to put it on! We love to wear Kimono to show our heritage :)

Kimono Yukata Contest

My first time wearing a furisode. Felt fitting to go with the Matsuri!

Kimono Yukata Contest

Yukatas and kimonos are very comfortable and easy to wear and highly recommend if you're interested in Japanese culture.

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