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Measuring Tips

Here are some hints about the sizing of yukata kimonos, Japanese kimonos and shoes.
If you are having trouble with the sizing, whether you have already brought the item or not,
please read this information.

Yukata Kimono and Japanese Kimono

The main difference between yukata kimonos or Japanese kimonos and Western style clothing is that you don’t buy the size that fits you, but after you buy the kimono, you should adjust the sizing by using a belt. That’s why kimonos generally only come in one size, and generally, they are all long and wide (「Why Are Women's Yukata Kimonos & Japanese Kimonos So Long?).

Customers often tell us that, "None of the kimonos are my size!" or "The size I ordered is too big!" but please don’t worry. Whatever your size, you can use a kimono cord (koshi himo) to adjust the size to something that suits you.

  • * Please note: regular size yukata kimonos (not Plus Size yukata kimonos) can be worn by people whose height is between 4’9”~5’9” (150cm~180cm), and whose waist is up to 50” (127cm).

Here are some simple hints for choosing the right size.

Sizing Hints

How to check whether the length will fit you:
  1. Check the kimono length of the items you want to buy.
  2. Measure length from the base of your neck to your heel.
  3. If (kimono length) minus (length from neck to heel) is;

Over 11.8 inches (30cm);
wear the kimono by tucking it up quite far at the waist.
Between 7.8 inches (20cm) and 11.8 inches (30cm);
wear the kimono by tucking it up a normal amount at the waist.
Around 3.9 inches (10cm);
wear the kimono by only tucking it up a tiny bit at the waist.
Almost 0 inches (0cm);
wear the kimono without tucking it up at all.

How to check whether the waist will fit you:
  1. Measure your hips.
  2. Check the clothing width of items you want to buy.
  3. If (clothing width) minus (your hip size) is;

Over 15.7 inches (40cm); the item will fit you well.
Between 9.8 inches (25cm) and 15.3 inches (39cm); the item will fit but may be a little tight.
Less than 9.8 inches (25cm); this item won’t fit you. Please choose another size.

How to check whether the sleeves will be long enough:
  1. Check the sleeve length of any items you want to buy. (The sleeve length on a kimono is measured from the center seam on the back of the kimono (at the base of the neck) to the end of the sleeve.)
  2. The sleeve length should be long enough to reach between your elbow and wrist.
  • * Unlike Western clothing, the sleeves on yukata kimonos and Japanese kimonos are made to be a little short.

Hints For Adjusting Your Kimonos

How to adjust the length:

When you wear a yukata kimono or Japanese kimono, you should use a kimono cord (koshi himo), which you tie around your waist and then fold up with the kimono fabric (this is called ohashori) until the kimono is the perfect length.

  • * For more detailed instructions, please see our "How To Wear" tutorial video.
How to adjust the width:

Wrap the kimono tightly around your hips and waist to make sure it’s the right size when you wear it. It might help to imagine you are putting on a bath robe.

  • * For more detailed instructions, please see our "How To Wear" tutorial video.

Geta Sandals and Zori Sandals

If you want to wear them in the traditional Japanese way:

Please choose a size 1 inch (2~3cm) shorter than the length of your foot.
It may feel a little uncomfortable and your little toe might slip off the edge, but this is the traditional way to wear them. In Japan, the sight of a woman wearing little geta sandals, making her way as her small steps click clack on the ground, is considered very beautiful.

If you want a comfortable fit:

Please choose the correct size for your feet. Geta sandals made for women are quite narrow, so if you have wide feet, we recommend you choose the wide size type.

Size Chart

    Women's US Women's UK Women's EU Women's JP (cm)
Medium  5 - 7.5 4 - 6 36 - 40 24 cm
Length 9.4" (24cm) / Width 3.3" (8.5cm)
Large  7.5 - 8.5 6 - 8 40 - 43 25.5 cm
Length 10" (25.5cm) / Width 3.3" (8.5cm)
X Large
8.5 - 9 7 - 8 42 - 44 26 cm
Length 10.2" (26cm) / Width 4.1" (10.5cm)
Plus Size
9 -10.5 8 - 9.5 44 - 47 27 cm
Length 10.6" (27cm) / Width 4.1" (10.5cm)
    Women's US Women's UK Women's EU Women's JP (cm)
Tabi Socks Medium 5.5 - 6.5 4 - 5.5 36 - 39 23-24 cm
Large 7.5 - 8.5 6 - 7.5 40 - 43 25-26 cm
XLarge Over 9 Over 8 Over 44 Over 27cm